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Ben Renick: Snake Breeder’s Death Explained, Bio, Wiki, Age, Career, Net Worth 2023 and More

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Ben Renick, a well-known snake breeder, became a news headline when he was found dead in one of his facilities in June 2017

His death was surrounded by suspicion, with authorities initially believing that one of his snakes might have killed him.

However, it was later discovered that he was shot to death. Today, we will delve into the life and death of Ben Renick, his age, his wife, Lynlee Renick, and the tragic events that led to his murder.

Ben Renick

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Ben Renick: Snake Breeder’s Death Explained

On a fateful day in June 2017, Benjamin Renick, a successful businessman, was shot at his reptile breeding office in New Florence, Missouri.[efn-note][/efn-note]

The incident shocked the community, and the authorities initially suspected robbery.

However, as the investigation progressed, it was discovered that the motive for the killing was not as straightforward as they had initially thought. In this article, we’ll explore the tragic story of Benjamin Renick and his wife Lynlee, and their businesses.

Before his untimely death, Benjamin Renick had made a name for himself in the snake breeding community. He was a successful businessman who had built a reptile breeding empire that spanned over 20 years.

His passion for snakes led him to create a thriving business that specialized in breeding and selling rare and exotic snakes to collectors and enthusiasts.

The Investigation and Lynlee’s Guilty Plea

The investigation into Ben’s death was a long and complicated process. The authorities initially had few leads, but as they dug deeper, they discovered evidence that pointed towards Lynlee’s involvement.

Eventually, Lynlee Renick was charged with the murder of her husband, and she eventually pleaded guilty to the crime.

The tragic story of Benjamin Renick and his wife Lynlee is a cautionary tale of the dangers of financial troubles and the lengths people will go to for money.

Despite their success, the couple’s financial difficulties ultimately led to their downfall. Today, Benjamin Renick’s legacy lives on through his passion for snake breeding, and his story serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining financial stability in all aspects of life.

Lynlee Renick
Lynlee Renick (Image: Source)

Ben Renick: Wife

Ben Renick and Lynlee Renick’s Married Life

Ben Renick and Lynlee Renick first met as teenagers and reconnected in 2011. After dating for some time, they decided to take their relationship to the next level and tied the knot in 2014.

They even had a child together, and Lynlee helped Ben at the snake breeding facility. However, their married life began to sour, and they even opened a second business named Ascensia Spa Inc., which was struggling financially.

Lynlee Renick’s Infidelity and Ben Renick’s Murder

After being married for three years, Lynlee was unfaithful to her husband with at least two other men, and the relationship started to fall apart. Messages between the couple showed that Ben was suspicious of Lynlee’s infidelity.

Furthermore, he was in the process of selling the python breeding part of the business to an NHL player, Robin Lehner, at the time of his death. Due to his work, Renick earned a significant amount of money, and he had a reported net worth of $2 million.

In 2021, Lynlee Renick was convicted of planning and orchestrating Ben Renick’s murder to save her spa business and flee a crumbling marriage. She enlisted her ex-boyfriend Michael Humphrey to join the murder plan, and it is reported that he was the one who pulled the trigger.

Renick was convicted of first-degree murder and armed criminal action and was sentenced to 16 years in prison in January 2022. She is now serving her sentence at the Chillicothe Correctional Center for women in Livingston County, Missouri.

Ben Renick was a world-renowned snake breeder whose life was cut short by a tragic murder. His death was surrounded by suspicion, and his wife, Lynlee Renick, was later convicted of planning and orchestrating his murder.

Despite the tragic events that surrounded his life, Ben Renick’s work in the field of snake breeding remains renowned, and his passion for the field lives on through his legacy.

Ben Renick
Ben Renick (Image: Source)

Ben Renick: Bio

Ben Renick was born and raised on a farm in New Florence, Missouri, alongside his brother Sam. At the time of his death, Ben was 29 years old.[efn-note][/efn-note]

Ben had a fascination with snakes from an early age and went on to establish Renick Reptiles Inc. in 2010, specializing in giant ball pythons and anacondas. He sold these designer pythons to buyers all over the world, from the UK to Japan.


Ben Renick
Ben Renick

The Story of a Visionary Snake Breeder

  • Ben Renick was a true wildlife enthusiast from his childhood. Growing up on a ranch with his family in New Florence, Missouri, he would often collect insects, reptiles, and snakes on his hikes.
  • His interest in these creatures eventually led him to adopt a snake as his first pet. This marked the beginning of his journey to becoming a snake breeder. Ben used his knowledge of genetics and his understanding of different species to breed snakes with unique colors and patterns.
  • Ben’s primary focus was on breeding monster ball pythons and boa constrictors, which he sold as “designer pythons” for tens and thousands of dollars.
  • His company, Renick Reptiles, gained a global reputation and made him famous worldwide. He was known as the “Johnny Depp of pythons” and was praised for his exceptional skills in snake breeding.
  • However, Ben’s life and business took an unfortunate turn when he was tragically killed in June 2017. At the time of his death, he was in the process of selling the python breeding part of his business to Robin Lehner, a hockey player in the NHL.
  • The deal was worth over $1 million, and Robin was still obligated to pay half of it when Ben passed away. This sparked a legal dispute between Robin and Ben’s estate.
  • Robin was accused of taking some of the pythons and boa constrictors from Renick Reptiles after Ben’s death. However, he denied the allegations, stating that the deal was voided when Ben died and that there was no qualified caretaker for the reptiles. The case was eventually settled in 2019, and the legacy of Ben Renick and Renick Reptiles continued.
  • Renick Reptiles remains an iconic brand in the world of snake breeding. Ben’s vision and dedication to his craft have inspired many aspiring breeders. His legacy lives on through the snakes he bred, and his influence continues to be felt in the industry.

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Renick Reptiles: Breeding Techniques

Ben Renick’s expertise in genetics and his understanding of different snake species allowed him to develop unique breeding techniques. His methods involved selective breeding to produce snakes with unusual colors and patterns. Ben’s primary focus was on breeding monster ball pythons and boa constrictors.

To create unique snake patterns, Ben would selectively breed snakes with the desired traits. He used his knowledge of genetics to ensure that the offspring inherited the desired traits. Over time, he was able to create new and unique patterns that had never been seen before.

Ben’s breeding techniques involved both natural and artificial methods. He would often allow the snakes to mate naturally, but he also used artificial insemination to ensure that specific traits were passed down to the offspring. These methods allowed him to create new and unique patterns that were highly sought after by snake enthusiasts.

Ben Renick’s passion for snake breeding and his innovative techniques have left a lasting impact on the industry. His vision and dedication to his craft inspired many other breeders to follow in his footsteps. The legacy of Renick Reptiles lives on through the snakes he bred and the impact he had on the industry.

Today, Renick Reptiles is a highly respected brand in the world of snake breeding. The company continues to produce high-quality snakes that are in high demand worldwide. Although Ben is no longer with us, his vision and passion for snake breeding continue to inspire new generations of breeders.

Ben Renick
Ben Renick (Image: Source)

Ben Renick: Net Worth 2023

At the time of his unfortunate passing, Ben Renick had left behind a legacy as one of the most successful breeders of reptiles in the United States.[efn-note][/efn-note]

His untimely death raised questions about his net worth and the value of his estate, which had been the subject of much speculation in the media.

Calculating Ben Renick’s net worth can be a challenging task, but we can gain some insight into his financial standing by examining his assets at the time of his death.

According to reports, Ben Renick was in the midst of a deal that would have earned him around $1.2 million, which would have been a significant boost to his net worth. Additionally, he owned a property that was sold for nearly $800,000 after his passing.

Taking into account these figures, it’s reasonable to estimate that Ben Renick’s total assets at the time of his death were likely in the vicinity of $2 million.

While this number is purely speculative, it gives us a sense of the scale of Ben Renick’s financial success as a reptile breeder and entrepreneur.

The Legacy of Ben Renick

Ben Renick’s passing was a significant loss to the reptile breeding community, which had long admired his expertise and dedication to his craft. His legacy lives on in the many species of reptiles that he helped to bring into the world, as well as the countless individuals whom he mentored and inspired.

In addition to his contributions to the field of reptile breeding, Ben Renick’s success as an entrepreneur serves as an inspiration to anyone seeking to turn their passion into a successful business venture. His dedication and hard work enabled him to build a thriving enterprise and leave behind a lasting impact on his industry.

Although the exact figure of Ben Renick’s net worth at the time of his passing may never be known, it’s clear that he was a highly successful and accomplished individual.

His contributions to the field of reptile breeding and his entrepreneurial spirit serve as a reminder of what can be achieved through hard work and dedication. As we continue to reflect on his life and legacy, we can draw inspiration from his example and strive to make a meaningful impact in our own lives and communities.

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