At last, NNPP speaks on party that won 2023 presidential election 

New Nigeria Peoples Party NNPP

The New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) has declared that the country was already aware of the candidate and political party that won the presidential election of February 25.

However, the party which did not name any party, noted that the matter was in court and amounted to subjudice discussing it.

Chairman of the party Prof Rufai Alkali who stated this at a press conference on Wednesday said his party was still consulting its lawyers preparatory to challenging the outcome of the polls.

Alkali also said his party was not in alliance with any political party in the gubernatorial elections taking place on Saturday in 28 states. 

According to the NNPP, they would not surrender their structures to anybody outside their party adding that any of their members who violated the instructions of the party will be sanctioned.

Prof Rufai Ahmed Alkali said wherever their candidates were they must be firm and resist all forms of rigging. 

“We are calling on our candidates to stand firm because we are not in alliance with any political parties. 

“Wherever our candidates are, they should not align with any political party. We have a vision. That is why our political party emerged. No one should surrender our structure. Anyone that did that, there will be consequences,” Rufai said. 

“We want to call on our people that voted in the last election to come out and vote again in the gubernatorial election because it is not just for the national level but the state is also important. 

“We are still talking to our lawyers and they will advise us on the way forward. We are gathering the details of the election results from polling units to polling units. Our lawyers should know what we need to do. We don’t do grandstanding. 

“Those who are crying that they have been rigged out are also master riggers. It is not good for a thief to call a thief a thief,” Alkali said while debunking reports that their gubernatorial candidate in Lagos state, Olanrewaju Jim-Kamal, stepped down for Babajide Sanwo-Olu of the APC.

“Olarenwaju did not endorse Sanwo-Olu. We will not support privatisation of loyalty. Our party wants to grow by gaining more and winning more states. We will not surrender our structure,” Alkali added. 

Alkali expressed happiness that there was no report accusing the NNPP of engaging in rigging or violence, and said the party was approaching the election to set the pace for the future of the country. 

“Whatever choices Nigerians make, it is a good choice and the NNPP has not only transformed, but has been transformed for national development. 

“Today, the party has done well in the National Assembly elections. Very soon, we will get the full details.  We are ready for the gubernatorial elections. The blurred logo used by INEC in the ballot paper affected our members in voting even though INEC approved a logo that was clear. 

“We’ve written to INEC to do everything possible to correct this anomaly. Ballot paper of 18 political parties should not be too much. Most of the voters are either illiterate or voting for the first time. If the logo is not clear, it will affect them in making informed choices,” Alkali said.

He added that even though there were cases of violence targeted at their party and supporters, their  presidential candidate Rabiu Musa Kwankwanso attacked and about 11 people were killed even before the election, in the last election, an APC candidate led thugs to kill our members and the issue is in court. 

“We are worried because this election is a unique election. Some governors are running for second term or they want to impose their candidates on the people.”