Anna Matthews Suicide: Why Did She Kill Herself? Death And Obituary

People are searching for Anna Matthews Suicide as for ten years, Anna Matthews worked as a church administrator at St. Bene’t’s in the heart of Cambridge.

She worked as the diocese’s head of ordinands from 2012 to 2019. She completed her theological studies at Robinson College in Cambridge before completing her priestly preparation at Westcott House.

After receiving her ordination in 2003, Anna completed her curacy at St. Lawrence’s in Abbots Langley and worked as Canon Precentor at St. Albans Cathedral for six years.

Canon Matthews’ spiritual director, Canon Mark Oakley, the dean of St. John’s College in Cambridge, delivered at the 10 am eucharist in St. Bene’t’s on Sunday (12 March).

He reminded them of the gravity of their vocation, never letting the irony and jaundice that they can all too frequently traffic in cast a shadow over the great honor and responsibility of our vocation. He described Canon Matthews as a priest’s priest.

Canon Kevin Walton called the news “devastating” on Thursday. As much as it loved and still loved her, she gave her all to this land and its people.

St. Bene’t’s is governed by Cambridge’s Corpus Christi College. She was referred to as the ideal all-arounder on Thursday by the Rev. Dr. Andrew Davison, the Dean of Corpus Christi and a longtime companion of Canon Matthews.

She was a very talented pastor and an excellent preacher. She was brilliant and well-organized. And a fantastic chef.

Anna Matthews Suicide: Why Did She Kill Herself? Death And Obituary

Sadly, not much information regarding Anna Matthews suicide was found as the investigation is still ongoing at the time of writing this article.

However, Matthews suicide is confirmed as many verified sources have confirmed the matter. Nonetheless, the answer to Why Did She Kill Herself? is not public, so not many details regarding Matthews suicide were found.

Anna Matthews Suicide
People are devastated after learning about Anna Matthews Suicide. (Source: Twitter)

The results of the coroner’s report, which will come after a lengthy inquiry and investigation, have not yet been made public. No more reliable information is available until that time.

Anna’s family is going through a tough time after Anna Matthews suicide, so our responsibility is to provide them the privacy they desire.

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More About Anna Matthews

Anna Matthews graduated from Bridgeport’s Bassick High School with a certificate. She obtained a degree in fashion merchandising from the University of Bridgeport after completing her high school education, after which she worked as a manager at Lerner’s Department Store.

She also worked alongside her beloved brother Al for years as he ran his catering Company. Nothing made her happier than having supper with her family and attending church on a Sunday.

Her cuisine earned her a lot of fame. She was raised in a home that placed a high value on family and religion by parents who were immigrants to this country.

Anna Matthews Sucide
Anna Matthews was a priest at St. Bene’t’s. (Source: St. Benets Church)

She was an active member of the St. Nicholas Ladies Auxiliary, and one of her primary duties was to prepare food for different church functions laboriously.

She was renowned for her recipes and always willing to share them with anyone who phoned or visited her home. Her four children are among the members of her living relatives.

Anna’s siblings, Joseph and John, passed away before she did. The only people who will recall her after her death are her loving sisters-in-law, brother Al, and sister Mary.

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