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Amy Slaton shares cute TikTok of son hoovering amid reports of split from Michael

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1000-lb Sisters star Amy has shown that she’s training her boys young. Sharing an adorable video on her TikTok, Amy Slaton’s son Gage carries out ‘chores’ as the proud mom watches on. The video doesn’t feature her husband Michael as reports of their divorce surface.

They’ll be no slacking in Amy Slaton‘s house! The youngest sister of the hit TLC show 1000-lb Sisters has once again given fans a glimpse of her adorable boys. Taking to her TikTok to give us the cute content, Amy’s children will be housetrained in no time!

Amy Slaton shows son gets hoovering on TikTok

Sharing the video yesterday, the short clip of life inside the Slaton household already has over 100k views. Fans were instantly gushing over Amy’s children.

“good job Mama. they are adorable.”

Amy has two children with her husband Michael. Gage, who was born in 2020, and Glenn who has just turned 8 months old. It was the oldest of her boys that took center stage in Amy’s TikTok. Pretending to hoover the living room, the proud mom gave the toddler words of encouragement.

Even baby Glenn seems to be getting involved with household chores too! Fans pointing out that he could be cleaning the floor as he shuffles.

“One’s vacuuming and one’s dusting gotta teach them young.”

Amy’s TikTok has almost 70k followers as she shares daily life, particularly featuring her sons. Honestly, we can’t blame her as they’re definitely a hit! One in particular, where son Gage repeatedly tells Amy that he loves her has almost 500k views. The tot has chocolate around his mouth and is smiling away at his mom. It’s easy to see why the cute TikTol did so well.

Reports of Amy’s divorce from Michael fueled by Instagram post

Rumors her Amy Slaton’s divorce from Michael have been circulating recently. Amy regularly posts on her Instagram, but her followers have noticed that her husband has been absent from her most recent posts. In fact, Michael hasn’t been in a post in over 19 weeks.

Though it could be ignored, fans noticed it in particular when Amy posted in celebration of Glenn being 8 months old. In the caption, she mentioned that she and his brother Gage loved him, but neglected to mention Michael.

This wasn’t helped when the 1000-lb Sisters star later posted a picture of her alone outside her house.

Fans have followed Amy and Michael’s relationship since season 1 of the show, with the two getting married in 2019. Now, however, reports claim that they have now separated, with Amy now living with sister Tammy Slaton.

Currently, the two are still married, which Michael confirms on his Facebook page.

Fans will still be able to see the two together as the fourth season of 1000-lb Sisters is currently airing. Tune in on TLC on Tuesdays at 8/9c.

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