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Amber received news far more life-changing than The Challenge cash prize

The Challenge is kicking off a brand new season with some of the best players in the game, it hit screens on March 8 but when was The Challenge: World Championship actually filmed?

On March 8, The Challenge’s World Championships kicked off on Paramount Plus. With a cast of challenge icons and legends, not only competing for the “Challenge World Champion” title but also the whopping cash prize of $500,000; it’s bound to be good.

The Challenge: World Championship appears to have been filmed in a beautiful location in Cape Town, South Africa; but when was it filmed?

Credit: MTV/MTV’s The Challenge YouTube

When was ‘The Challenge: World Championship’ filmed?

Filming for The Challenge: World Championship took place between October and November 2022.

That’s right the spinoff took place not long before the show actually premiered on Paramount Plus.

T.J. Lavin hosts The Challenge: World Championship alongside other Challenge hosts from across the world. Australia’s Brihony Dawson, Mark Wright from the UK show, and Marley Biyendolo from The Challenge: Argentina is also on the show. That’s right, everyone gets in on the big championship games.

Does Amber Borzotra have autism?

This season’s Challenge World: Championship names like Amber Borzotra, Darrell Taylor, Jodi Weatherton, Johnny “Bananas” DeVenanzio, and Jonna Mannion.

Speaking of Amber, many fans have wanted an update on her life after filming season 38 bought up some new revelations. The season premiered on October 12, 2022, and was followed by the Ride or Dies contestants having a reunion, where Amber revealed that during the filming of season 38, she was diagnosed with autism.

Upon returning for The Challenge: World Championship, Amber feels that her diagnosis has made her a better competitor and the experience better than ever. However, she admits that being 34 years old and having a late diagnosis was hard to come to terms with as she has to re-find herself and her identity all over again.

Did Amber know she was pregnant whilst filming the show?

Amber found out she was pregnant after she filmed The Challenge: World Championship. It didn’t affect her experience on the show and she is now “ready” to become a mom.

The Big Brother alum reveals that she is very introverted and often stays at home with her partner Chauncey, and their three cats. However, she can’t wait to add a baby to the mix. As she feels her child will give her more purpose to win the million dollars on The Challenge.

Of course, as she is now heavily pregnant, Amber will not be competing in season 39. She will also give herself some well-deserved time off after giving birth, before getting back to The Challenge in the “near future.” She is hoping that she and her YouTuber boyfriend can continue the journey together and will “do it for their child.”

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