Aaron Rodgers Hasn’t Decided Between Packers, Jets as Free Agency Opens – NBC Chicago

Rodgers still hasn’t decided what to do as free agency opens originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

The Packers and Jets are in a bit of a conundrum as the legal tampering period for NFL free agency opens. Apparently, they don’t know what Aaron Rodgers wants to do this year.

Rodgers’ decision has major ramifications for each franchise because of the size of his contract. If Rodgers’ deal isn’t reworked, he’s set to carry a $31.6 million cap hit, per Spotrac. That’s a big chunk of change to work around in free agency. If either team doesn’t have clarity on whether or not to include that in their accounting, they may miss out on other big signings while they wait.

There are three ways the 2023 edition of the Rodgers saga can end: he can return to the Packers, he can request a trade to another team, or he can retire. Over the past week, there’s been serious buzz that Rodgers will follow in Brett Favre’s footsteps and leave Green Bay for New York, but there has been serious buzz in the past that Rodgers and the Packers would split up and it hasn’t come to fruition yet.

Rodgers has participated in alternative wellness retreats to help make his decisions, like his highly publicized ayahuasca trips. This year Rodgers went on an isolated darkness retreat, and so far it hasn’t helped to speed up his decision process.

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