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3 bodies dumped in Baton Rouge but police say no foul play in all cases: reports

First, on February 23, two bodies were found in different parts of Baton Rouge: Treasure Short, 34, was wrapped in bedding in a wooded area, while Macy Peebles, 27, was discovered near GSRI and Jade Avenue.

Then that same day, 42-year-old Nathan Millard, a Georgia businessman, disappeared. He was found two weeks later in an abandoned lot, wrapped in plastic and carpet.

The discoveries have raised troubling questions about whether the deaths are linked, but so far Louisiana investigators say there’s no evidence to support this theory and it doesn’t appear the individuals died from foul play.

So what happened?

Neither body showed any obvious signs of trauma, and authorities made arrests in two cases. According to WBRZ-TV, police arrested 41-year-old Andrea Matthews in connection with Short and 38-year-old Dameon Matthews, who is not related to Andrea, in connection with Peebles. Both were charged with obstruction of justice and unlawful disposal of remains.

Meanwhile, Derrick Perkins, 45, who may have information about Millard’s death, was arrested earlier this week on independent charges.

While toxicology tests are pending on the three bodies, experts say one possibility is that the individuals overdosed on drugs and that their remains were dumped to conceal drug use.

Fil Waters, a former homicide detective, told NewsNation that it’s common for drug users to dispose of bodies when someone has overdosed.

“When these things happen, the fact that these people get caught dumping bodies, that’s what happens when dopers get together and take their dope and then one of them dies,” Waters told NewsNation. “First thing the other thinks is, first, I need to get rid of the dope, second, I need to get rid of that corpse.”

Baton Rouge Police declined to comment on whether drugs were involved in any of the cases.

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