2023: Why Ogunewe’s integrity is giving hope to Imolites


Ahead of all the political parties primaries scheduled for Imo state by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) between March and April 2023, for the Imo state off season elections, one name, Major General Lincoln Keonyemere Jack Ogunewe (rtd) MFR, has been on the lips of Ndi Imo in recent times. 

Almost everyone agrees that Ogunewe is the type of leader any people would yearn for in any given generation to take them to the promised land. He is an asset to any political party as he has that much sought after immense mass appeal of the people known as popularity.

Apart from his sterling pedigree which had seen his own father serve as Military Adviser to the Igbo icon Dim Emeka Ojukwu when it mattered most, his father also later served by popular demand as the traditional ruler of his people. 

Apart from his humility and manifest wisdom in handling even complex issues, Major General Ogunewe (rtd) had a sound education at University of Nigeria Nsukka, where he studied engineering. 

In addition, Ogunewe a disciplined gentleman acquired more leadership skills in the Nigerian Army where he meritoriously served the entire country with diverse experience both at the local and international scenes. 

In any civilised and advanced society, it is the people, both the masses and the elite that would be urging a personality like Ogunewe to make himself available for leadership by providing for him all the necessary encouragement and support that he needs.

Imo people are civilised people. They had enjoyed good democratic leadership from 1979 to 1983 when the charismatic governor Sam Mbakwe raised the bar of public service in the state to the height of excellence.

Achike Udenwa arguably contributed his own quota too from 1999 to 2007. Thereafter not much has happened to gladden the heart of Imolites when it comes to public service.

Now that there is an indication that God has again remembered the people of Imo state with Ogunewe stepping up to the plate, ordinary Imo people and even the progressive minded elites in the state are very much excited that the dreams of the founding fathers of the state of a modern state that would enjoy the benefits of social amenities, good health, sound education,  industrialization, employment, human capital development,  long life expectancy, justice, peace and freedom is about to be rekindled.

Since Imo people have  suffered greatly from prolonged bad political leadership, under development and insecurity, there is now an elite consensus that Ogunewe should be supported by all and sundry to reset and redirect the ship of the state of Ndi Imo to a safe and peaceful development berth.

The Ogunewe (LKJ) phenomenon is widely believed to be a good omen that would in the near future rub off positively on other Igbo states of Abia, Anambra, Enugu and Ebonyi as his peers in future would begin to emulate his good exemplary leadership qualities. 

Ogunewe (LKJ) is not only a team player, he is dynamic, vibrant and possess the political sagacity to take Imo state to a greater height.

Therefore anybody that loves Ndi Imo, Ndigbo and wants to salvage Imo state must look in the direction of Ogunewe. We, Ndi Imo should seize this golden opportunity presented to us by God and move forward into a blissful prosperity under the leadership of LKJ.

Opara is a former university don and good governance advocate based in Owerri, Imo state