Lauren London and Lil Wayne’s Viral You People Scene Sparks Baby Rumors

A new project that Lauren London, 38, recently starred in is Netflix’s romantic comedy, You People, in which she opposites Jonah Hill and Eddie Murphie. In the Netflix movie You People, which stars Nipsey Hussle’s partner Lauren London, a touching tribute is paid to the late rapper. Taking the topic of love, the California native has not had it easy. The year 2019 marked the loss of her partner and father to her youngest child, Nipsey Hussle. In the past, she welcomed her first child with rapper Lil Wayne, an experience she admitted was scary. My first son was born when I was 24 years old, and I was a little scared.

As she recounted, I wasn’t prepared and I didn’t think I would do well. As for what I was going to do, I had no idea what was going to happen. Kameron Carter, Lauren and Lil Wayne’s son, is now 13, and Kross Asghedom, Lauren and Nipsey’s son, is now 6. While fans can’t get enough of her babies’ sweet faces – and how much they resemble their dads – when she posts about them on social media on occasion, the music video star, model, and actress likes to keep things low-key with her family.

Has Lauren London Ever Had A Child With Lil Wayne?

Lauren and Lil Wayne share a son, Kameron, born on September 9, 2009. Though the actress rarely discusses her former on-again-off-again relationship with Lil Wayne, she did tell Skin Deep author Kathleen Cross how she and the rapper met when she was 15 years old. We were in a relationship that didn’t work out. The two tried more than once to rekindle the relationship, and we briefly got engaged years ago, but we eventually parted ways, Lauren revealed to Essence.

I will always cherish the friendship I have with my son’s father, who is smart, loving, and lovable. That’s all I got. In addition, Lauren said she and the other women who share children with Lil Wayne have remained friendly, choosing peace over conflict. ‘We are good-hearted women who care about our children and who want them to know one another,’ she said. Our kids have experienced less drama, less trauma, and more love as a result of that foundation. The idea of minimizing trauma for her children is definitely top of mind for Lauren, especially since both of them are Black children.

Lauren London’s ‘You People’ Netflix’s Romantic Comedy Film Scene Goes Viral

The Netflix movie You People, starring his partner Lauren London, pays a touching tribute to the late rapper Nipsey Hussle. On March 31, 2019, Ermias Davidson Asghedom, a rapper with the legal name Ermias Davidson Asghedom, was shot and killed outside his Marathon Clothing Company store in Los Angeles. The shooting was committed by Eric Holder Jr., who was convicted of first-degree murder last year. Nipsey Hussle fans shared snippets of You People over the weekend, showing him being discreetly honoured in scenes. You People was written by Jonah Hill and Kenya Barris, who also directed, and Hill also starred in the film.

Nipsey Hussle’s store is located on Slauson Avenue, which London’s character Amira drives through on her way to a meeting with Hill’s character Ezra in South Los Angeles. Among the moments that stood out was a tribute to Nipsey Hussle on a wall with his name painted in white against a red background over the acronym TMC. A painting of Nipsey Hussle’s profile was included. Fans were also delighted to hear one of Nipsey Hussle’s songs on the soundtrack, adding to their delight. Lauren London and Nipsey Hussle have been together since 2013 and have a son, Kross Ermias Asghedom.