Grimes Slams Grammys: Netizens Show Support After Award Show Diss

The Canadian singer-songwriter Grimes released a social media rant on Sunday, February 5, 2023, in which she criticized the Grammy Awards, calling them irrelevant, and claimed she had been influenced on who to nominate. She made her diss after Charli XCX expressed her disappointment at not receiving a Grammy nomination for her album Crash, claiming people do not want to see hot evil girls prosper. According to Grimes, the Grammys are so irrelevant that I wouldn’t even bother with them. Defending the singer, Grimes explained how she was not allowed to nominate her late trans producer Sophie Xeon because she wasn’t included in an exceptionally boring prefabricated list.

As a member of the Producer of the Year award board, the Shinigami Eyes singer claimed to be the only woman under 40 among three women. In response to Grimes’ comments, internet users rallied in her support and dubbed the Grammys “scripted.” They cited past examples highlighting bias and mentioned past snubbed artists like The Weeknd. In response to Charli XCX’s Grammy snub, Grimes has defended the singer-songwriter. In spite of the fact that her latest album topped the charts on both sides of the Atlantic, XCX wasn’t nominated for an award. Thus, she wrote in an Instagram caption yesterday about her seemingly tongue-in-cheek thoughts regarding the awards.

Charli XCX Gets Support From Shinigami Eyes Singer Grimes After Grammys Snub

After Charli XCX addressed her Grammy Awards snub, Grimes backed her up. Charli XCX was not nominated in any category for her latest album, which reached number one on both sides of the Atlantic. In response, she tweeted yesterday in a tongue-in-cheek tone about the awards, writing in an Instagram caption to a new selfie: the fact that I wasn’t nominated for a Grammy for the crash is like Mia Goth not being nominated for an Oscar for Pearl, proving that people don’t want hot evil girls to succeed. Mia Goth plays an aspiring actress who becomes murderous when her dreams of stardom are dashed in last year’s surprise box office hit Pearl, which was overlooked at this year’s Academy Awards. In spite of her long-held status as an indie darling, Grimes was quick to voice her support for XCX. In a comment on XCX’s post, Grimes said the Grammies are so irrelevant that she would not even bother paying attention. During my time as producer of the year board, I stopped even clocking them since they wouldn’t permit me to nominate people who weren’t on their prefabricated list, which was extremely boring.

There were only three women and I was the only person under 40. There’s nothing relevant about it. Additionally, Grimes mentions that she tried to nominate SOPHIE for an award previously, but it was denied. I tried to nominate Sophie, but I was told it was not allowed. Grimes’ comments prompted internet users to rally in her support and call the Grammys scripted. The Weeknd was named as one of the artists who were snubbed in the past, which was one of the examples they cited. According to one user, the award is biased in favour of old white men choosing their favourites over actual music. Those same artists are nominated every year because of the predetermined list, according to the Twitter user. The lack of diversity in the nomination committee itself was also raised by another User, reinforcing the perception of factual bias. There were many comments supporting Genesis singer’s claim on Twitter. Grimes is a Canadian producer and musician. A wide range of genres are represented in her songs, including lo-fi R&B and dance-pop, as well as distinct futurist, sci-fi, and feminist themes.