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The space shooter’s peripheral velocity will be re-mastered after 28 years

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The 28-year-old flight simulator, Terminal Velocity, is now getting a full re-release on Steam as a Terminal Velocity Boosted version (via PCgamer) thanks to Ziggurat Interactive, and the release date is set for March 14th.

Ziggurat Interactive is a publisher that specializes in preserving the past, as well as making sure that our memories with classic games – even DOS ones – don’t have to disappear with the times, and Terminal Velocity is just as important. The game allows players to engage themselves in a 360-degree combat flight simulation across nine different planets with seven devastating weapons in their arsenal, and with the updates it has received in audio and gameplay, it should feel like a whole new experience.


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“Terminal Velocity was one of the most exciting and innovative shooters of the 90s, and being able to bring it to life for a modern audience is a dream come true,” said Kate Woods, Vice President of Ziggurat. “The team has worked hard to update the game and deliver the definitive Terminal Velocity experience, which we’re excited to share. Coming soon.” It should be noted that it’s not a straight-line game like other Shoot ’em ups, and the locations here stretch across 40,000 square miles of terrain and dozens of tunnels that you can circumvent at your leisure.

Moreover, the game has very low inertia mechanics, allowing players to easily scroll, roll, and loop through several extreme maps, as well as a straightforward control layout. However, the game deserved a higher frame rate in that it gave players the ability to fly dynamically through tunnels and into underground caverns in realistic outdoor environments. The Steam version also adds achievements and trophies, and with them comes a number of fun new challenges for veterans to enjoy.

The lead designer of Terminal Velocity is Mark Randel, former lead programmer of Microsoft Flight Simulator, and founder of the video game company Terminal Reality, which has worked on a variety of games, including racing, 3D action games, and more. The company re-released BloodRayne: Terminal Cut and BloodRayne 2: Terminal Cut with Ziggurat Interactive three years ago, and now the two companies are at it again in an enhanced re-release of the first game and success story, Terminal Velocity.

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