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Slovenia arrests 2 suspected Russian spies

Slovenia arrests 2 suspected Russian spies

Authorities in Slovenia have arrested two foreigners accused of spying for Russia, local media reported late Sunday.

According to local newspaper Delo, the two suspects were citizens of an unnamed South American country and had assumed false identities in dealing in real estate and antiques. According to the report, they were arrested on December 5, 2022 in a rented office in the Bežigrad district of Ljubljana.

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“The Ljubljana District Prosecutor’s Office has received a notification from the Slovenian Intelligence and Security Service, on the basis of which a preliminary investigation has been launched,” the Ljubljana prosecutor’s office told Slovenian news portal Siol. The prosecutor’s office said legal proceedings were ongoing and would not officially confirm the allegations.

The operation to apprehend the suspected spies, reportedly conducted by the Slovenian intelligence and security service, was carried out in cooperation with the security services of other countries, as the spy cell reportedly also conducted operations outside Slovenia.

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Security services across Europe have cracked down on alleged Russian spies operating on the mainland in the aftermath of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Germany has made two arrests related to espionage within its own foreign intelligence service.

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