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James Bond fans have been patiently awaiting news on who will replace Daniel Craig as 007. An official announcement is likely to come within the next few years, but until then, Bond odds are the best way to predict who will wear the tuxedo. But this week, the odds have completely faded, changing the longtime favorite into another British heartthrob.

Ladbrokes has lowered the odds on incredibly young actor James Norton.

The 37-year-old Briton has been acting up a storm in recent weeks as Tommy Lee Royce on BBC’s Happy Valley. The star plays the villain of the show but has proven that he can own the franchise on his own.

The booking agent has now awarded the action star an incredibly 11/4 in Bond odds, making him the favorite to take on the role of 007 after Craig’s exit. Alex Apati of Ladbrokes said: “James Norton may have alluded to Spider-Man in Happy Valley last night, but punters seem convinced he’ll soon be playing another Hollywood hero in the form of 007 – and we’ve lowered the odds to see him now head of the betting as a result.” “.

This is especially surprising considering that former favorite, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, attended some 007 auditions with Bond leads Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson.

Cavill has been vying for the attention of Bond bosses for years. He fought against Craig in the audition process for Casino Royale in 2005 – but missed the final hurdle. He has since recalled being told he was “too fat” for the role. He admitted, at the time, that he didn’t know how to “train or feed” properly.

Cavill has since become a major star in Hollywood, and his odds reflect that at an impressive 3/1.

However, right behind him is the enviable Tom Hardy.

Hardy has been a fan favorite to take on the role of James Bond since the last Craig movie, No Time To Die. He’s previously admitted that he “won’t” talk about the role, because he’s afraid of losing it before he gets the chance, but fans rallied behind him.

At the moment, he has a whopping 10/1, which makes him one of the best bets in bond odds right now.

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