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New free PlayStation Plus games for February 2023 have leaked

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The new lineup of free PS5 and PS4 games coming to PlayStation Plus in February 2023 has been leaked ahead of an official announcement from Sony. If you’re used to keeping up with new PS Plus releases every month, you can probably expect that a slate of new games tends to leak out early on a routine basis. Again, before the start of February, this happened and now gives us a better idea of ​​what on the ground to expect on PS Plus in the coming weeks.

Coming from user ‘billbil-kun’, who has meticulously leaked several PS Plus compilations in the past, the February 2023 games have now been revealed. In total, four games are scheduled to be distributed across different regions in February and they include Primordial world (PS5, PS4), The definitive edition of Mafia (PS4), Evil Dead: The Game (PS5 and PS4) and Destiny 2: Beyond the Light (PS5, PS4). It was confirmed that The definitive edition of Mafiain particular, it may not be available in every region and may be replaced by another game.

Overall, this is a very solid lineup of games for PS Plus in February 2023, mainly because many of these games aren’t outdated. Primordial world And evil dead Both launched last year, which means they’re welcome additions to PS Plus. Destiny 2: Beyond the Light It’s also great to see PS Plus come to fruition, mainly because of the game’s next big expansion, lightfallIt is also set to be released next month.

The main caveat in this new list of games for PS Plus is that they won’t become available until a little later than usual. Every month, Sony brings these new free PS Plus games live on the first Tuesday of the month. In February 2023, though, the first Tuesday of the month doesn’t happen until the second week that falls on February 7th. So, while these titles won’t be downloadable for more than a week, when they do go live, they’ll last until March 6th.

What do you think of this potential PS Plus lineup in February 2023? And which game do you think is the best among this list? Be sure to let me know either in the comments or reach out to me on Twitter at Trustworthy.