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Meet the 20-year-old who introduced Sakaja to TikTok


TikTok has gradually become one of the most influential social media platforms not only among young people but also individuals from across the professional divide.

While he has been active on social media, Nairobi County Governor Johnson Sakaja had not considered joining TikTok until he met content creator Mbaka Wainaina.

During a speech on Saturday, January 29, Sakaja revealed that the 20-year-old was behind his new TikTok account.

This was after UKTN questioned the identity of the only person following the district boss on the platform.

Narc Kenya leader Martha Karua and Sakaja’s social media manager Mbaka Wainaina during 2022 campaigns on July 22, 2022

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Boniface Mwangi

“I see everyone asking who is the only person I follow, it’s my social media manager, follow her too,” Sakaja announced while introducing her to the audience.

Mbaka also couldn’t hide her excitement when she shared the news of her success.

“Only I use TikTok every day because it’s nice to become a TikTok manager of one of the biggest politicians,” she said ecstatically.

By the time this story was published, Sakaja’s day-old TikTok account had already accumulated over 160,000 followers and over 400,000 likes.

I’m finally on Tik Tok, this is my actual page, let me know what to do if I’m new to the streets,” he commented on his first attempt at using the app.

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The governor also couldn’t hide his excitement after seeing the huge following and the suggestions he received from netizens in such a short time.

“I think I enjoy this. Thank you very much and I hope you are not in a noisy church. The tips come first, I will learn with time.

Although a famous TikToker, Mbaka came into the limelight during the campaigns leading up to the 2022 general election.

She had campaigned for Azimio and did everything she could to influence her followers to vote for her fellow woman, NARC Kenya party leader and Azimio running mate Martha Carea.

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She worked closely with Diana Ngao, Head of Communications, Martha Karua’s Secretariat. She is also a co-founder of Girls for girls teens

TikTok has seen several politicians participate Governor of Nyeri, Mutahi Kahiga, elicit mixed reactions about his observed behavior.

Due to the great influence of social media, former president Uhuru Kenyatta also made a comeback after a three-year break.

A file photo of Sakaja’s social media manager Mbaka Wainaina.


Mbaka Wainaina