In 'Dear Ishq', Niyati Fatnani plays an editor in love with classics

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“I am playing the character of Asmita Roy, an award-winning editor. She’s a Bengali girl who loves reading classic literature, she’s in love with writers like Manto, Charles Dickens and Premchand,” Niyati said.

She noted that the present generation of writers “just write for the sake of writing”, and have “neither depth, nor meaning in their stories”, which is why her character isn’t fond of reading or editing those books.

Niyati said: “Asmita Roy is full of dignity, she is a strong working woman who will not take nonsense from anyone, irrespective of their authority. Self-respect comes before anything and she is a responsible girl. She has a family with a mother and grandmother. Her father died 10 years ago, so she has a house to run. She is a responsible young woman and talented, and she has faith in her talent.”

All of Niyati’s shows have been special to her, but playing the lead character in this one makes her apprehensive at times.

“For me, all projects are landmark projects,” Niyati said.

“Luckily for me, each role has been different from the previous role, every genre different, and people have loved my work. Every project is a landmark for me.

“Playing the lead, however, certainly translates into a lot of pressure. It also makes me feel responsible and doesn’t let me become complacent. I love to be on my toes. I should have butterflies in my stomach each time I face the camera. I want to feel alive as an artiste.”

This also happens to be her OTT debut.

“I am excited because I always wanted to do OTT for a long time and 2023 opened the doors for me. I am very happy, grateful and excited. I don’t think anyone can ever take over the audience for TV. It is always going to be there,” Niyati said.

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