Greer Blitzer’s controversial comments: The Bachelor contestant shares an apology post

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Zach Shallcross’ first impression rose recipient Greer Blitzer landed in controversy after The Bachelor season 27 premiered on ABC. A Reddit user shared the contestant’s past comments regarding Blackface from the 2016 controversy over a Lamar High School student wearing blackface at a party. Her social media comments defending the student’s actions have surfaced, leading to an online backlash. She shared an apology post on her Instagram story after receiving criticism over her old comments. This message read: I am deeply sorry to those I have hurt, particularly those within the Black community, not because I have resurfaced these screenshots, but rather because I have ever shared those harmful opinions.

Originally from Houston, Texas, the contestant is a medical sales representative at the age of 24. Blackface-related issues have been raised before Greer joined Bachelor Nation. In Season 19 of The Bachelorette, Gabby Windey’s final man Erich Schwer was criticized online for an old blackface photo. His apology was also posted on social media. In the meantime, Greer Blitzer is under fire online. Zach explained his decision to choose Greer for the first impression of rose in an interview. Greer had a calming effect on him, he said. As I walk back into the mansion, I see cameras and I meet 30 new women, which is a lot to take in. As a result, I was very relaxed with her because she brought a comfort level and let me not be so caught up in my head.


Greer Blitzer Apologizes For Remarks About Blackface She Made In The Past

An apology has been issued by Greer Blitzer for her past comments. The season 27 Bachelor contestant posted a letter to her Instagram Story on Jan. 24 addressing comments she made in defence of someone who wore blackface. In the past, I have made some uneducated, ignorant and frankly, wrong comments on social media accounts, the 24-year-old wrote. The student who dressed as Tupac for Halloween in Blackface was defended on Twitter by me using misguided arguments. Blitzer continued, I’m deeply sorry to those I’ve hurt, especially those within the Black community, not for the screenshots resurfacing, but for the harmful opinions I’ve always shared. Her previous remarks don’t align with her current self, said the contestant, who is a medical sales representative from Houston. While time and age don’t excuse my actions, they do not reflect who I am today. I refuse to stand by or condone the damaging opinions and behaviours I shared during that stage of my life.

The Bachelor Nation cast member Greer Blitzer is not the first to receive criticism for blackface-related issues. Erich Schwer, Gabby Windey’s final man on The Bachelorette season 19, was criticized online for an old blackface photo. In social media posts, he, too, apologized. On Jan. 23, ABC’s The Bachelor premiered its 27th season. Blitzer’s message came one day later. Blitzer earned her first impression rose from bachelor Zach Shallcross during the episode. Zach discussed his choice of Greer Blitzer for the first impression of rose in an interview. The calming effect Greer had on him was apparent. It’s a lot to take in when I’m back at the mansion and there are cameras everywhere. It was very relaxed with her because she brought that comfort level and allowed you to not get so caught up in your head. He chose 19 contestants from the 30 to move on to the next phase of the Bachelor journey.