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Elvis’ Cousin Answers Fans’ Questions About Growing Up With Lisa Marie | music | entertainment

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When asked on his Memphis Mafia Kid YouTube channel what Lisa Marie’s favorite food was as a child, he said how much she loved candy, peanut butter cups, and especially French fries. In fact, she enjoyed the latter so much that she once mocked her friend’s plate when her back was turned, as well as hers.

Before her death, Elvis’ daughter admitted in interviews that she was a “terror” as a child and it turns out she didn’t accept no-no. This was especially since her father “wasn’t strict at all”.

Danny was asked if Lisa Marie, who was only nine when her father died, was told “no” would she hide and go ask Elvis. Her cousin laughed, “You damn Skippy [she did!] If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times, “I’ll tell my dad” and most of the time she would… She liked being bossy and I liked being in control. That was just Lisa.”

During the Q&A, fans also asked him if the Smith family were invited to Lisa Marie’s funeral as cousins.

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