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All Cobalt Coastlands Wisp locations

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This article covers a developing story. Keep checking back with us as we will add more information as it becomes available.

your trip in Cobalt Coastlands 20 will bring you closer to the tresses To get Spiritomb Pokémon.

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While this is a smaller map compared to the other areas, that doesn’t mean it will be any easier to find the wisps since there are plenty of places to hide them.

Bathers Lagoon

Towards the bottom of the map, the first The wisp will be located right above Lake Bathers In the lake just before the ocean. He will settle on a small piece of land in the middle of a small pond.


Hideaway Bay

Heading down the map, you will find the following A small piece of land sticking out of the ocean. This will be off the coast of Hideaway Bay, jutting towards the ocean horizon.

Grinkgo’s Landing

The player finds a wisp atop a mountain ridge at Grinkgo Landing in the Cobalt Costlands in Pokemon Legends Arceus overlooking the trees and coast.

It is located on top of a mountain ridge The next wisp overlooks the beach and oceanfront. On the map, this is to the left of Grinkgo Landing near the hut icon on the map.

slope crossing

Pokemon Legends character Arceus stumbles upon a ridge in Crossing Slope overlooking the ocean and bay in the Cobalt Coastlands.

On a mountainside within sight of the coast, you will find this thread. On the map, it’s right above the Crossing Slope marker.

Ibom Hill

Character standing next to a lock of hair on the beach of Aipom Hill with ripples in the water in the Cobalt Coastlands in Pokemon Legends Arceus

The next thread will be on the grassy hills on the beach. This particular thread will be located a short distance away from a fruiting tree. If you look at the map, you will find it to the right of Tel Ibom and on the coast. As you have noticed, this area is full of mountains and sea water.

Tombolo wok

On a Tombolo Walk, Pokemon Legends character Arceus finds a tuft on a single piece of rock in the middle of the ocean overlooking dead trees and a volcano in the Cobalt Coastlands.

Heading to the Tombolo Walk, this tuft will be on a small piece of rock in the water Overlooking dead trees, a volcano, and open water With a few plots of land here and there. On the map, this is located between two land formations on the lower right, just above the word Tombolo.

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Sand arrives

Pokemon Legends player Arceus finds a small piece in the Sands Reach area on a sandbank surrounded by water in the Cobalt Coastlands.

On a sandy bank in the water, You will find the next strand at Sand’s Reach. From your last location on Tombolo Walk, you’ll head straight for the finger-like land formations, and you’ll be all the way to the right.

Sands Reach Little Rock

The character flies with Hisuian Braviary in Sand's Reach to a small rock formation in the water to get a lock in the Cobalt Coastlands in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

In the next thread, you’ll stay in Reach the sand and travel to a small rock in the middle of the water. When you look at the map, you’ll head straight to the left, just past those finger-like land formations.

Calm Cove

Pokemon Legends character Arceus in Tranquility Cove heads toward a flat massif surrounded by sea and overlooking the land and volcano in the Cobalt Coastlands

At Tranquility Cove, he’ll be there A flat rock formation in the shape of a “C” in the middle of the sea which will have a tuft on its end. On the map from your previous location at Sand’s Reach, you’ll be diagonally up to the left just before Castaway Shore.

Cape Felston

The Pokemon Legends character Arceus found a tuft on a ridge near the base of a mountain at Veilstone Cape in the Cobalt Coastlands overlooking a sandy beach, water, and a few trees.

On the side of a mountain at Veilstone Cape, The string will be resting on the tip near the base. On the map, this would be right where you were at Tranquility Cove, between Castaway Shore and Veilstone Cape.

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Veilstone Cape Top Of Mountain

Pokemon Legends character Arceus finds a crest atop the Veilstone Cape mountain range that overlooks the coast and the grassy plains and woods of the Cobalt Coastlands.

at the same Veilstone Cape area, you will head up a mountain ridge There you will find a slight tuft overlooking the green valley.

You will also see the sandy beach in the distance as well as the volcano. On the map, this will be at the top of Veilstone to the left of the white cave-like symbol.

Felston Cape Side of Mountain

Pokemon Legends character Arceus runs towards Wisp on the side of Veilstone Cape mountain overlooking a small volcanic island in the middle of the sea in the Cobalt Coastlands.

You will find a file Next on the Veilstone Cape Mountain side, Looking at the sea as well as the small volcanic island formation in the middle of the sea. This is in the same general area on the map as the previous wisp.

Windbreak holder

A wisp of personality in Pokemon Legends Arceus is found on a small plateau in the Windbreak Stand in the Cobalt Coastlands region overlooking a rocky shore, grassy fields, mountain range, and trees.

In Windbreak Stand, you’ll notice Spot on top of a small plateau before the sandy beach area on the coast. On the map, you’ll travel southwest, under the Windbreak Stand sign.

spring path

Pokemon Legends character Arceus is heading toward a strand on the grassy side of Spring Path mountain in the Cobalt Coastlands with a few trees in the distance.

skein will be put on The grassy side of the mountain at Spring Path. This will be straight up from the Windbreak platform and a little to the left of Spring Path.

Spring Bath Ledge

Spring Path was found by Pokemon Legends player Arceus on a ledge on a grassy mountainside overlooking trees and water in the distance in the Cobalt Coastlands.

While you’re still on Spring Path, post The wisp will be on the side of a mountain range forming a circle. In the middle of this mountainous circle, there is what appears to be a small cave. On the map, you will head to the right of the white cave symbol.

Islespy Shore

Pokemon Legends character Arceus finds a tuft on the edge of a cliff in Islespy Shore in the Cobalt Coastlands overlooking sea and mountain.

At Islespy Shore, a wisp of hair can be found On the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean. This location will be directly from the Spring Path location you found earlier. It will be almost at the top of the map.

Islespy Shore Small Rock Island

A wisp of the Pokemon Legends character Arceus was found on a small Islespy Shore rock in the middle of the waters overlooking Volcano Island in the Cobalt Coastlands.

Another rag falls on Islespy Shore is on a small, flat rock in the middle of the water It overlooks a small island in the shape of a volcano.

This will be located to the right of the last location. You’ll find it a little higher up, in the middle of the water between Islespy Shore and Molten Arena.

Verispit Island

Pokemon Legends character Arceus flies on his Hisuian Braviary for a skein on tiny Firespit Island between two trees surrounded by water in the Cobalt Coastlands.

On the fly, you will find a tuft on this A small island in the Verispit Island region. This is located below Firespit Island on the small land formation on the map.

Molten Arena

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A tuft of hair can be found on a Rock formations in the water at Molten Arena Close to the main mountains. This is located in the upper right corner of the map.

Viricept Island next to Lava

Pokemon Legends character Arceus finds a lock on Firespit Island on a rock next to lava while flying with Hisuian Braviary in the Cobalt Coastlands.

The final strand will be in Cobalt Coastlands It is located directly on the lava-filled island On a rocky section above the lava. On the map, you’ll be roughly in the middle of Firespit Island, and you should be able to get to the island just by flying over to the rocky surfaces that aren’t flooded with lava.

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