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The editing producer apologizes for bringing a scrambled image of Peter to the premiere

Over the past few years, Will Smith has been the subject of countless headlines. While mostly it was associated with it Infamously slapped Chris Rock At the Academy Awards, his comeback as a lead actor came in the form of Antoine Fuqua Release. Producer Joey McFarland has apologized for bringing a photo of Whipped Peter to the film’s premiere.

Release It is based on the true story of Gordon aka Whipped Peter, a runaway slave turned soldier whose story is still studied in history books. Images of his back, covered with scars from brutal flogging, helped show the horrors of slavery during the abolitionist movement. Producer Joey McFarland recently put himself in hot water for bringing one of those photos with him to the movie’s premiere, prompting him to issue an apology for his character. Instagram the account. Check out that apology below: