Sula Vineyards IPO open next week check every detail how company started making desi wine in Nashik and history interesting facts of wine | Wine is made from grapes, is it a dream to invest money in Sula IPO, then know these things sir

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Wine is made from grapes… yes, we are talking about Sula wine made from Indian grapes Sula Wine whose IPO (Sula Vineyards IPO) Going to open next week. The company has set a target of raising around Rs 960 crore from this IPO. So do you also dream of investing money in this IPO? So here you will not only get every small and big detail related to it, but also you will be able to know the story of the making of Sula and some fun facts related to Wine…

First of all, let us tell you that Sula Vineyards is a company from Nashik, Maharashtra. It is India’s largest wine maker and seller company. It has its own huge grape farm, on which the company also runs a resort. Its IPO 12 December (Sula Vineyards IPO Open Date) is about to open.

Important things related to Sula IPO

The company will issue 26,900,530 shares of face value of Rs 2 in the IPO of Sula Vineyards. (Sula IPO Size) Is going to issue. share price for (Sula IPO Share Price) Rs 340 to Rs 357 has been kept. 42 shares in one lot for investment in IPO (Sula IPO Lot Size) are kept.

When will Sula’s IPO close?

Sula Vineyards IPO closes on December 14 (Sula IPO Close Date) Will happen. On the other hand, the shares in the demat account are likely to be credited on December 21. Whereas the shares of the company will be listed on BSE and NSE on December 22. (Sula IPO Share Listing) Can be.

These are the important things related to the IPO, now we tell you the story of the formation of Sula Vineyards…

Where today ‘Sula’ used to roam there leopards

Sula Vineyards dates back to 1996. In an interview to news agency AFP, its founder and CEO Rajeev Samant (Rajeev Samant) Told where Sula’s Vineyard is today. At one time it was just a meadow. It was ruled by snakes and leopards. Then there was neither a telephone line nor an electricity connection.

This is how the idea of ​​making ‘desi wine’ came

Rajeev Samant, graduate of Stanford University, California (Stanford University graduate) Huh. When he returned to India, he started rose and mango cultivation on his ancestral land near Nashik.

India is one of the largest grape producers in the world. And Nashik also comes on number one in this. But most of the farming here is for food or for making raisins. Rajeev Samant Napa Valley while living in California (Napa Valley) had seen it, so he felt that why not make ‘desi wine’ in India itself Desi Wine To be prepared This is how Sula Vineyards became what it is today.

Let us now tell you some interesting facts related to wine. (Interesting Facts Related to Wine),

Fun facts related to wine

  1. ‘Sula Wine’ is named after Rajeev Samant’s mother Sulabha.
  2. In India’s population of 140 crores, the number of people who like wine is less than 1 percent.
  3. According to the International Organization of Wine, 20 million liters of wine was sold in India last year.
  4. Despite having less alcohol, in most states of India, wine is taxed like liquor.
  5. The cost of a wine bottle in India is almost equal to a full bottle of rum.
  6. Wine company Indage Vintners was delisted in 2011 due to debt and liquidity problems.

Is the Sula IPO a profitable deal?

Now it is a matter of your benefit, the trend that is being seen in the gray market regarding Sula IPO. That’s a little shocking. Gray market premium of the company’s stock i.e. GMP (Sula IPO GMP) 34 above its IPO price. Meaning that it is expected to be listed in the stock market at Rs 391, which means that the shareholders can make a profit of 9.52 percent on the day of listing.

Although this estimate is according to the GMP trend. TV9 group has nothing to do with it. We advise you to invest in stock markets at your own discretion and must consult an expert.

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