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Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss’ wife told police about the husband’s unusual behavior before dying


Stephen ‘tWitch ‘Boss’ dies A shock to the entire entertainment community, his wife’s interaction with the police when she realized he was missing leaves more questions than answers. A few days before this tragedy occurred, Allison Holker He was enjoying a family evening at the couple’s house. The president is shown dancing on a video where he appears to be enjoying himself. But during the moments before his body was found in a Los Angeles drive-in, his wife walked in Los Angeles Police Branch to report the loss of her husband.

I immediately sensed something was horribly wrong as he didn’t answer his phone and left without telling anyone. In fact, president He stops all contact as he checks into a hotel with only a handbag for one night. Tuesday morning, his unresponsive body was found inside his hotel room. But presidentThe wife emphasized how strange and detached his behavior was, he just left without any argument or anything like that. after its report, Allison escorted by the police to her home. They did an investigation of the property and examined any video or evidence that could lead to why he left in the first place.

tWitch receives honest messages from everyone

Many within the television and music industries expressed their shock at the president’s death by suicide. Go through a gunshot. People love drummers Quest Love, Justin TimberlakeAnd the Ellen DeGeneres I already expressed how sad they are. TMZ They reported that they spoke to the staff at the hotel where he committed suicide and they revealed there was nothing wrong with check-in. Losing the president becomes yet another in a long list of celebrities who make the decision to commit suicide as they go through. A difficult period of mental illness. Stephen is survived by his wife and three children. I hope he rests in power.


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