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Southern Hospitality star Mia spills the tea on Southern Charm cast

Mia is one of the cast members on Bravo’s new reality series, Southern Hospitality. The show gives us an insight into Leva Bonaparte’s life managing her Charleston clubs and restaurants, along with some staff drama on the side.

The show is a spin-off to Southern Charm which follows the personal and professional lives of socialities in the Charleston area, including Leva.

We take a look into one of Leva’s employees, and star of Southern Hospitality, Mia Alero.

Who is Mia from Southern Hospitality?

Mia Alero was born in Trinidad and Tobago and moved to Charleston for college where she graduated with two degrees in economics.

Working in the corporate world as a financial analyst by day, by night Mia is a hostess at Leva Bonaparte’s club/restaurant Republic Garden & Lounge.

Mia is fairly active on Instagram and at the time of writing has 10.2k followers. The star posts a range of glamorous snaps from the Charleston nightlife to her many vacations.

Mia spills the gossip on the Southern Charm cast

Southern Hospitality is the spin-off to Southern Charm, so of course, the producers had to make the two collide. Bravo asked the Southern Hospitality Cast what tea they had on the Southern Charm cast, and Mia did not hold back.

Speaking on a video for Bravo’s The Daily Dish Mia revealed: “One night we had a couple of them in here and there was a little bit of a rumor going around that one of them was throwing a really big after-party at their house.”

Mia did not attend the party herself but told Bravo about the dramatic way it ended. “I heard that way too many people showed up and the cops got called and they got a ticket.”

Now that would have made good TV!

Fans have questions about Leva’s clubs

The Bravo show gives us an insight into the glitz and glam of Charleston nightlife, and fans are eager to know more about the lifestyle. So of course they took to Twitter to see if anyone could answer their burning questions.

One user asked: “Do the servers have a new outfit each night? #SouthernHospitality”

And others were just admiring Mia:



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