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Singles Inferno’s Jo Yoong-jae doesn’t just want a summer fling

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Singles Inferno is back for season 2 and one contestant who’s catching everyone’s eye is Jo Yoong-jae.

It’s no surprise Netflix renewed the South Korean dating show for another season after the success of the first. The debut season became the first Korean reality show to get into Netflix’s top 10 global show rankings.

Jo Yoong-jae seems to have intrigued viewers, contestants and judges alike within the first two episodes so let’s take a closer look.

Who is Jo Yoong-jae?

As soon as Jo entered the show, heads turned. In his intro, he told viewers people think he’s an athlete when they first see him due to his big build. In fact it led to him being named “shoulders of the business school” in college.

Of course, Yoong-jae thinks strength is very important so he CrossFits and goes hiking regularly.

In terms of how others see him, Jo describes himself as being “quite popular” with the opposite gender. He’s not just looking for a summer fling on the show, though, he’s looking for a girl with wisdom he can be with for the long run.

Jo Yoong-jae’s Singles Inferno journey so far

Jo Yoong-jae definitely made an entrance, confidently sitting between two girls as he arrived instead of the other side of the sofa. This impressed judges and female contestants from the get-go.

As Jo told us in his intro, he hasn’t been short of attention in the show. At the end of the second episode, we see him stressed about which girl to take to paradise. Well, there are worse problems to have!

Three girls were waiting to go to paradise with Yoong-jae but, in the end, he picked Choi Seo-eun. The preview clip shows the other choices looking heartbroken, so let’s see how it pans out when the next episodes are released.

Meet Jo on Instagram

Jo’s strikingly good looks have already made him popular on the social media platform and his Instagram account has a following of 15.8k. These numbers are surely set to rise as the season goes on.

As well as his Instagram account, he also has a YouTube Channel on which he posts vlogs of himself camping in different locations. Maybe we’ll see a video of him camping in the Singles Inferno’s paradise soon!

At the time of writing, the channel has 900 followers – but again we’re sure the numbers will be rising in the coming weeks.



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