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Say Yes To The Dress’ memorable brides – $200k budget to completely sheer dress

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Say Yes To The Dress has been the supporting shoulder for brides in search of their dream dress. After describing their ideas and aspirations, the sales associates have the task of bringing them the perfect dress which will make them say ‘yes to the dress’.

Searching for the perfect wedding dress is not an easy task. The popular TLC series, Say Yes To The Dress, focuses on brides in search of their wedding dress. The sales associates and fitters of the store go by sea, land, and wind to make their wishes come true for the most important day of their lives.

Releasing its first episode in 2007, the show has featured the stories of many brides-to-be and their missions in finding the perfect gown.

After going through various meltdowns, fittings, and a few arguments, the girls Say Yes To The Dress even if it costs them a whole fortune.

Say Yes To The Dress’s biggest surprises and shocking brides

Bride spends $20k on custom dress

Over the 19 seasons of Say Yes To The Dress, viewers have seen the occasion where the bride has spent an astonishing amount of money on a wedding dress.

Traveling from Africa, the bride spent more than $200,000 on nine possible custom wedding dresses made by Pnina Tornai.

Throughout the episode, the family gives an honest opinion on the dresses. They finally agree in tears on the one where she feels “sexy” while respecting her father’s wishes.

Combining different aspects of her favorite dresses, the bride finally says ‘Yes’ to the dress.

Wanting a sheer wedding dress

Alexis had a vision for her wedding day and was to look completely naked even though she was wearing her dress. But how is that going to work?

“My dream is to have a naked dress,” she tells the cameras. “I want to walk out, and everyone, you know, will be shocked because I’m naked on my wedding day.”

In theory, it’s more of a sheer dress with embellishments offering to cover modest areas.

During the episode, she goes through different options and finds different aspects of each dress. She then comes up with a possible idea, leaving the designer having to make it come alive.

And while it may be an unusual type of wedding dress, Alexis has the full support of her groom-to-be. With a budget of $10,000, Alexis hopes to have the happiest day of her life and is not afraid of being extra. However, she’s a little worried about what others will say.

But she did say ‘Yes’ to the dress.

A fight between a high-maintenance bride and groom

Planning a wedding is not that easy, especially when both the bride and groom have different tastes and visions of what their big day will look like.

Krystle dreamed of getting married, and after finding her Prince Michael, she didn’t think twice about saying ‘Yes’ to the dress.

However, drama and tension escalated between the couple as they picked up the candy for the wedding guests. When Michael tries to calm her down, it causes Krystle to lose her temper.

But despite the arguments, the couple took their relationship to the altar, and Mike and Krystle are now happily married.

Saying ‘Yes To The Dress’ after getting engaged the night before

When you know, you know. The night after getting engaged, Monique could only think about her wedding dress.

Trying off different options, Monique was able to find the perfect dress. Funny enough, the dress was only going to make it if Paige fit in well. Paige is a wig.

Thankfully, the dress suited well with the wig, and Monique was able to make a statement. However, she did not get the approval of her sister and cousin.

Leaving off Paige, Monique ended up deciding on a stunning $8,000 sparkly sheer dress with flower details all over it.

Polyamorous throuple want different dresses

For the first time in the show, the sales associates dealt with a throuple. Celebrating love, Kassandra and Pablo are about to get married for the second time to Carly.

Even though it was a process of acceptance for their parents, the blended family was super excited for a new chapter and of course, witnessing their children getting married.

With a budget of $8,000 for both brides on Say Yes To The Dress, Kassandra and Carly are expecting to find their dream wedding dresses, and take their love to the altar at the hands of Pablo.



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