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Sacha Baron Cohen revives Borat for slamming Kanye West for anti-Semitism

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Borat returned on the evening of December 4 at the Kennedy Center Honors (trans Watchman) to strip Kanye West of his outright anti-Semitism. Borat creator Sacha Baron Cohen attended the Kennedy Center Honors to honor U2, but he took his time to bring Borat back to life. Borat’s first target was President Joe Biden, who was present at the prestigious event.

“I know the President of the United States and A are here,” Borat said. “Where are you, Mr. Trump?”

Addressing Biden directly, Borat said, “You don’t look good. Where has your glorious big belly gone? And your lovely orange skin has turned pale… But I see you have a new wife. Wow-wooh! She’s so hot. I have to look away before I get Bono.” .

Borat continued, “Before I go any further, I will say that I am very disturbed by anti-Semitism in the United States and ALF.” “Not fair. Kazakhstan is the first country to crush Jews. Stop stealing our hobby. Stop stealing! Stop stealing! Your Kanye, he tried to move to Kazakhstan and even changed his name to West Kazakh. But we said: No, he’s very anti-Semitic, even for Our “.

Borat proceeded to sing a parody version of the U2-rated song “With or Without You”, changing the lyrics to “With or Without Jews”. And the character added, “What’s the problem? They loved this at Mar-a-Lago. They chose without Jews.”

Baron Cohen joins a handful of celebrities who have spoken out against Kanye West over his anti-Semitic comments in recent weeks. West praised Hitler during a Dec. 1 interview on Alex Jones’ “Infowars” talk show, prompting Biden himself to declare on social media, “The Holocaust happened. Hitler was a satanic figure.” Instead of giving her a platform, he should Our political leaders must call out and reject anti-Semitism wherever it may be. Silence is complicity.”

Before Baron Cohen took the stage at the Kennedy Center Honors, Academy Award winner Natalie Portman used social media to denounce antisemitism. Portman did not mention West by name, but her statement arrived amid intense backlash against West for his recent praise of Hitler.

“Seeing the resurgence of anti-Semitism makes my heart slip,” Portman wrote. This hatred must be fought with boundless love for one another. Today, I send more love to my fellow Jews. Sending love to all those who stand with us against these violent words and actions. It was painful and frightening to hear from us, and I am so grateful to those who continue to speak out against anti-Semitism with us and against all forms of racism.”

Borat’s appearance at the Kennedy Center Honors during the CBS gala special of the event will be announced at a later date.