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Raiders fans get into a ferocious mob brawl after heartbreaking loss to the Rams (VIDEO)

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Some Raiders fans treated their stunning loss to the Rams on Thursday Night Football by fighting in the hallway at SoFi Stadium.

The Raiders have spent most of last week talking about the progress they’ve made on their three-game winning streak. It looked like they had turned a corner.

Then it happened Thursday night.

Las Vegas was cruising against the injured Rams, leading 16-3 heading into the final minutes of play. They lost 17-16 after allowing Baker Mayfield, who had joined Los Angeles two days earlier, engineer a 98-yard scoring drive to win the game.

A certain group of Raiders fans may not have taken it well.

Raiders fans get into a ferocious mob brawl after heartbreaking loss to the Rams (VIDEO)

There’s no indication as to what caused the brawl, but the Rams fan who taped it certainly had fun expressing his emotions in the game and brawling at the end of that video. It’s been a tough season for LA with the wheels almost falling off. Ending a six-game losing streak with a shocking comeback win over the Raiders should have felt satisfying.

As for Raiders, tt is bad enough to lose a game in embarrassing fashion. Those fans had to go out in the hallway and embarrass themselves all over again.

Vegas can lick their wounds over the weekend, but they should be ready for it next week when they host the Patriots. At this point, it may not just be about saving the season. Josh McDaniels’ job may be at stake. How could he not after suffering his fourth loss of the season after leading in the first half by double digits?

The Rams will see what else Mayfield can do next week when they head to Green Bay to take on the Packers.