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Meghan Markle vs the Royal Family: It was the biggest driving force for the upcoming Netflix series


wwith the first part of Prince Harry And the Meghan MarkleThe Netflix series is set to be released on Thursday, December 5, 2022, a source revealed that the series was the brainchild of Markle.

As part of a £110m deal, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are about to reveal intimate details of their lives as many expect the series to further divide relations between the couple and the rest of the family.

According to one source, some of the comments made on the series are particularly fiery.

Some of the comments he made Harry And the Megan A source told The Sun.

“If it airs, it will be absolutely explosive. The topic of racism is discussed – as well as allegations that some members of the royal family opposed the marriage. The whole TV project is very paid.” Megan.

Narration is that Harry He had to be removed from his family, as he felt neglected.

Mental health features too, and discussion about Harry Receiving treatment for the loss of his mother and father’s relationship Camila. “

It is expected that the series will be a declaration of war between the factions and will inevitably lead to strained relations between them Harry And other family members as well.


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