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Marvel unites Sam Wilson with the dead son of Captain America

Americajust’s Captain Sam Wilson got a new partner in the form of Nomad, the “deceased” son of Steve Rogers. Captain America: Symbol of Truth Featuring Sam Wilson, who shares the mantle of Captain America with Steve Rogers, who is starring in his own series, Captain America: Liberty Guard. Sam Wilson has teamed up with his new Falcon (Joaquín Torres), but he is currently lying in a hospital bed. This is why the US government has invited Nomad for support on an international mission to Mohannda. The only problem is that Nomad believes he has been dead for years.

Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Captain America: Symbol of Truth #7. Continue reading at your own risk!

Captain America: Symbol of Truth #7 by the creative team of Tochi Onyebuchi, Ig Guara, Jesus Aburtov, and VC’s Joe Caramagna. After essentially giving away Nomad’s return in promotional materials and cover art, Ian Rogers is officially returning to the Marvel Universe. Sam Wilson heads to Mohanda after the Prime Minister of State is killed on American soil, which prompts Falcone to go to the hospital. With the Falcon out of commission, Captain America’s handler, Senator Mansfield, arranges for Nomad to be his partner. for this special mission.

(Image: Marvel Comics)

What did Ian Rogers, aka Nomad, do?

Nomad is secretly working with the Federal Facilities Bureau to remove Hydra cells. Sam and Ian meet on their way to Mohannda, where Ian reveals his new duties, and the fact that Bucky Barnes knew Ian was really alive. However, Ian’s father, Steve Rogers, does not know that Ian is alive. Ian says Steve will figure it out on his own time.

Captain America and Nomad eliminate the Mohandan army once they reach land, rescue the citizens and meet a freedom fighter named Patapele. Cap and Nomad have slightly different moral codes, with Sam not wanting to harm or kill his enemies, while Nomad has a mean streak in him.

What is the origin story of the Bedouin?

Ian Rogers is the adopted son of Steve Rogers from Dimension Z and is the actual son of Arnim Zola. Ian first appears in Rick Remender and John Romita Jr. captain America It started in 2012. The first time Steve thought Ian was dead was when he was shot in the throat by Sharon Carter, who ventured to Dimension Z to save Steve. Of course, Ian ended up living and making his way to the main Marvel Universe to stop an invasion from Zola.

The last time Nomad was thought to be dead was before the Marvel Universe was rebooted Secret wars. Nomad appeared again in Hail Hydra Secret wars Series. Nomad was kept off the board until his sudden return Captain America: Symbol of Truth #7.


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