Launched her own fashion brand, showed her wardrobe collection. Akshay Kumar showed his home for the first time, launched his own fashion brand, showed his wardrobe collection

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Akshay Kumar is going to launch his fashion brand soon. The name of this brand will be Force IX. Sharing the video on social media, Akshay not only talked about his brand but also took a house tour of his house. This is the first time that Khiladi Kumar is being seen in his house in any video.

Shared a glimpse of the luxurious house for the first time
At the beginning of the video, Akshay says- ‘I have never shot an interview in my house before.’ When the actor was asked why his brand name is Force Nine. On this he said – There is the biggest force, which controls the whole universe. Second force is mother nature, third is our armed forces. My father was in the armed forces and my lucky number is 9. My birthday also happens to be on that day. So I have mixed both. I want to do it with emotions, if you see it is written ‘Engineered With Emotion.’ During this, a glimpse of Akshay’s house is also being seen in the video, which is very beautiful.

Akshay showed his wardrobe collection
After telling about the brand, Akshay showed his wardrobe collection and said – I like to wear very comfortable clothes. If I can, I can wear track pants everyday, wear hoodies everyday, wear thin T-shirts. I want to create something that has both color and comfort. In which you feel good.

Akshay told in the video that a team of young designers is associated with him, who is working on it. If Akshay wears it himself then only he will recommend it to others. All these clothes will be made in India only.

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Akshay came in controversies because of the first look of the film
The first look of Akshay Kumar’s upcoming Marathi film Vedat Marathe Veer Daud Saat has been revealed. In the video, Khiladi Kumar is seen in the getup of Chhatrapati Shivaji. Akshay is being trolled ever since the first look came out. In fact, in the scene where the player is seen taking entry in Kumar Shivaji’s getup, a chandelier is seen in that frame, in which electric bulbs are fitted. Whereas, the bulb was invented years after Chhatrapati Shivaji’s tenure. In such a situation, users say that why history is being tampered with.

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