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Last Thousand Year Blood War Episode 11 sneak peek

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Bleach is back again, and it’s never felt better. After being away from broadcasting for ten years, Ichigo Kurosaki is back in control of the anime industry this fall. As the new year approaches, all eyes are on Soul Reaper as the first arena for Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War. And now, a sneak peek at Episode 11.

So of course, you might want to brace yourselves. The next episode of Bleach is going to be huge and will finally answer some big questions about Ichigo’s past.

Great flashback from Bleach

As you can see above, a slew of live footage has been released for Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War, and it features a special origin story. Finally, we’ll learn how Ichigo’s family becoming “everything but rain” will take fans back in time. He plans to show how Isshin met and fell in love with Masaki in the human world. And as we now know, Ichigo’s mother wasn’t as normal as we thought.

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The footage speaks for itself as one shot shows Ichigo in the present, but the rest are all set in the past. In one of the images, we can see a young Isshin in his captain’s robe while the other highlights a young Toshiro Hitsugaya. It seems the Soul Reaper was Isshin’s right hand before the captain became evil, and we all know he left Soul Society because of Masaki.

The woman is shown in one still image while Ryuken Ishida is relaxing in another. Of course, the new Bleach series has hinted at a bigger connection between these two characters than we expected. After all, Ichigo appears to be part of Quincy as well as a Soul Reaper. We know where his Shinigami blood comes from, so his Quincy abilities must come from Masaki. And next week, fans will see just how powerful Ichigo’s mother is.

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