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Justin Timberlake pays tribute to longtime friend Stephen ‘tWitch’ boss as new details emerge

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The entertainment world is in shock after the tragedy Dancer and DJ Stephen “Twitch” Boss passes away. The celebrity was found at a hotel on December 13 and reportedly died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound at the age of 40. I pay tribute to the boss, including a number of people he became close to through the dance community. This is how pop star Justin Timberlake first became acquainted with the Boss in over 20 years, and as details continue to emerge about what happened, the ex-boy has shared his own thoughts on the death of his longtime friend.

Justin Timberlake echoed the thoughts of many when he mentioned the energetic dancer — who was often seen on social media, doing dance routines with his wife, Alison Holker Boss, and their kids and friends — saying you never know what’s going on in someone’s head. he is chirp:

It is sad to hear that someone who has brought so much joy to a room, has been suffering so much behind closed doors. I’ve known Twitch for over 20 years through the dance community – it’s always brightened everything up. You never know what someone is really going through.