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Julia’s Haart Sphere metaverse startup will see her as a CEO again

My Unorthodox Life fans want to know more about what happened to Julia Haart’s Sphere startup as season 2 airs on Netflix.

On December 2, the second installment of My Unorthodox Life dropped on the streaming service. Julia Haart and her daughters’ lives are in totally different places from where they were the last time fans saw them.

Julia mentioned that she was developing a metaverse initiative called Haart Sphere and now fans want to know whether her startup idea ever got off the ground.

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Julia left her old life behind

When Julia Haart first appeared on her reality series, My Unorthodox Life, in 2021, she explained that she left behind her orthodox Jewish life in Monsey for a new one.

Julia left her marriage and moved away with her son and two daughters, Shlomo, Batsheva, and Miriam.

She shares custody of her youngest child, Aron, with her ex-husband.

She ran Elite World Group

During season 1, fans saw Julia married to Silvio Scaglia.

The two ran Elite World Group which is a talent agency.

However, season 2 of the Netflix show sees Silvio moving out of their apartment as they get a divorce.

As well as saying goodbye to Silvio in the divorce, Julia also lost her CEO title at EWG.

She writes on Instagram that she is “co-owner of Elite World Group.”

The new CEO at EWG is listed as Bernard Hennet on LinkedIn.

Julia Haart’s Sphere startup

During My Unorthodox Life, Julie mentioned that she was launching a startup called Haart Sphere.

Lots of viewers of the show took to Reddit to ask where Haart Sphere is now. One person asked: “What happened to Haart Sphere?”

More added that they also “wondered” how Julia’s startup was coming along.

Haart Sphere is set to be a Meta organization per Julia on the Netflix show.

In January 2022, NBC News reported that Julia was making advances in the tech world with model avatars while she was at EWG. So, she clearly has been taking an interest in the technology side of things.

The Times of Israel reports in 2022 that Haart Sphere is in the research and design stage.

During episode 6 of the 2022 show, Julia’s daughter, Miriam, says that she’s CTO (Chief Technology Officer) at Haart Sphere. Former CFO of EWG, Robert Zaffiris, is also in on the Haart Sphere meeting in episode 6.

The startup is set to be a new venture for the Haarts and Julia will be the CEO of the company. Per the Netflix show, Miriam said: “The technology that we want to exist in Haart Sphere doesn’t exist anywhere.”

The family talked about the work they’d need to do in order to develop the company during episode 6 and they were still in the initial stages of talking about how much money Julia would have to invest.

The Netflix star is yet to make any public announcements in regard to Haart Sphere’s launch.

Reality Titbit and GRV Media have contacted Netflix PR and Julia Haart for comment.



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