Is the ad-free Disney bundle worth $19.99?

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I’m not a Disney shill, but this will make me sound like one…

Key points

  • Disney Bundle Trio plans get you three services for about the same cost (or less) than buying two streaming services separately.
  • You get a lot of content and a wide variety of content, so everyone has something to watch.
  • Some credit cards also offer credits and rewards on TDB plans when you use your card to pay.

In the sea of ​​streaming services, the options are nearly endless. All the major networks, and some minor ones, have their own service. But there is one company that is quickly gobbling up market share: Disney.

To be clear, when we talk about Disney and streaming, we’re not just talking about Disney+; the company also owns Hulu and ESPN. And you can get all three in one with their most popular option, The Disney Bundle (TDB).

At $19.99 for the ad-free version, also known as Trio Premium, TDB is one of the most expensive streaming options, on par with Netflix’s top-tier plan. Unlike Netflix, though, TDB offers a lot for your money, and the Trio Premium is well worth the $19.99 price tag.

Buy two, get one free

The main thing that TDB has beyond other services is that you don’t just get one service. The Trio plan has three popular services in one: Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+. And at the price of $19.99, you get the ad-free versions (note: ESPN+ has ads no matter what).

These three services include a large amount of content. More importantly, it is a huge variety of content Movies, TV, documentaries, sports, children’s programming… you’ve got something for almost everyone in the family.

Also, you get a pretty good discount when you get the bundled version. After Disney’s price increases take effect this December, individual services will cost:


Price (Sub. Monthly)

Price (Sub. Annual)

Disney+ (no ads)



Hulu (no ads)






Combining any two of the services puts you above that $19.99 mark (unless you pay annually). So if you want more of a Disney-owned streaming service, TDB is the best way to minimize the damage to your bank account.

Things work similarly when you look at ad-supported packages. Disney+ with ads will cost you $7.99 per month. Hulu with ads is the same monthly cost. But you can get both for $9.99 a month (new subscribers only) or get the Trio Basic that includes ESPN+ for just $12.99 a month (all subscribers).

It’s still a deal outside the Disney family

What about when you compare the cost to Disney services? No own and price? Well, you actually get similar results. Take a look at the cost of other popular streaming services:


Monthly cost (no ads)

Monthly Cost (Ads)




Apple TV





hbo max






Amazon Prime Video


Combine two of these services and you’ll see a price point very close to, or in many cases, higher than the cost of TDB. Even if you decide to compare the ad-supported plan with the ad-supported plan, you’ll still get a good deal.

streaming card credits

Another thing that TDB has going for it is that you can find multiple ways to cut the cost with rewards credit cards. For one, you can use a good streaming rewards credit card to save up to 6% on your services, including TDB.

Then there are the credits. Multiple American Express credit cards offer statement credits when you use your eligible card to pay for TDB. This could cover part or all of your subscription, depending on the card. Just remember to enroll your card first for your purchases to qualify.

Reduce streaming budget

Alright, so I realize this entire article has sounded like an advertisement. It is not. Disney didn’t ask me to say any of this. I love good deals. And this package really is a pretty good deal (you know, streaming-related).

I’ve cut a lot from my budget this year (thanks, global inflation!) and had to make some tough decisions about which streaming services to keep. I still cycle through other services to see specific content. But we stay subscribed to TDB year-round so everyone in the house always has something to watch.

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