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Iron Heart actress shares how Brie Larson gently helped her transition from ‘female human to superhero’

Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is officially around the corner, but it’s introduced a lot of new and exciting characters. During the recent list of films, the most anticipated The next Marvel movie It was definitely for Ryan Coogler Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. In addition to Namor and Talokan, the long-awaited sequel introduced Dominic Thorne as Riri Williams aka Ironheart. And the Iron Hart actress recently shared how Brie Larson gently helped Thorne go from “human female to superhuman.” Larson appears to be a hero on and off camera.

Actress Dominique Thorne It was Strong’s first appearance in the MCU black panther 2, serving as one of the primary comic forces in an otherwise very strong film. Fans are eager to see more of her personality in her The upcoming Disney+ series Iron heart, as well as how it will fit into the larger shared universe. The If Beale Street could talk The actress revealed to ScreenRant That Captain Marvel herself Brie Larson was able to offer some support and advice on this huge change in Thorne’s career. I also participated:

I was also fortunate enough to speak with Brie Larson. It was really an open book about what it was like to experience it as a human female trying to play a female superhero, and all the things that come with that. I was so, so grateful to have some real, real conversations with people who care about the business. Not only do they do an amazing job and create characters that we love, but they also care about the way this role and that work is done.