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If Dansby Swanson leaves the Braves, Alex Anthopoulos is to blame

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The Atlanta Braves are in serious danger of losing Dansby Swanson, as the two sides haven’t talked about a new contract in some time.

The Braves have not been consistent in their messaging as it relates to Dansby Swanson. As much as some team members and the front office say they want him back, Alex Anthopoulos and Co haven’t turned in many competitive performances since the start of spring training last season.

That signals a shift in thinking — or perhaps a vote of confidence in Swanson’s eventual replacement, Von Grissom.

Swanson is among the best defensive shortstops in baseball, and he’s coming off the best offensive season of his career. Dansby made the All-Star team last year for the first time.

Anthopoulos knows that Swanson’s value has never been higher. It’s a bet the Braves lost when they opted out of a deal before the start of the season. Even Swanson himself certainly thought a return to ATL would be guaranteed now that he’s scheduled his wedding for this weekend.

Why didn’t the Braves contact Dansby Swanson?

It was Dansby Swanson who recently started calling the front office in Atlanta, not the other way around. Mark Bowman She revealed this latest information in a column on Friday:

“Upset by the lack of communication since the end of the season, Swanson contacted Braves President of Baseball Operations Alex Anthopoulos to get a sense of the current situation. But these two parties haven’t had any legitimate negotiations since the start of the offseason.”

This lack of communication is by choice at the end of the Braves, as it is usually the team that initiates said conversations, not the other way around. Swanson was previously approached by teams such as the Cubs and Cardinals, but he has yet to find a deal to his liking.

Perhaps, this is the wake-up call the Braves front office needs to start treating their stars as they deserve. Losing Freddie Freeman and Swanson in back-to-back seasons is a bold strategy for a so-called World Series contender.