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Gina Ortega shares funny and adorable reactions to knowing Christina Ricci will be on Wednesday

The entire world seems to be losing its mind on Netflix Wednesday Starring Jenna Ortega. From the near-universal praise for the show itself to the Wednesday dance memes, it’s one of the most popular mediums of any kind right now. Which is very special to my fans Addams family Because the show also co-stars former Christina Ricci Wednesday.

There are a number of different ways one can imagine Gina Ortega’s reaction to the news that Christina Ricci will be in Wednesday With her, as it turned out, she had more than one reaction. talk with buzzOrtega admits that her first reaction to the news was that she thought her engagement to Ricci would be great, but then she realized how complicated it could be, for quite obvious reasons. Ortega said…

When I found out she was part of the show, I thought, “Oh, wow.” Then I thought, “Oh, damn it.” Because it’s nerve-wracking. Especially since it’s Wednesday’s newest or most beloved iteration of all.