German Ambassador Philipp Ackermann Issues Statement On India China Clash Calls It Dangerous

India-China clash: German Ambassador Philipp Ackermann said on Wednesday that the skirmish between Indian and Chinese troops along the Line of Actual Control in Arunachal Pradesh is a matter of concern. No country should violate international boundaries. Philip Ackermann also said that both India and Germany are in contact with each other regarding the issues of Russia and China.

Protectionist environment in India: Germany

Philipp Ackermann says that people still prefer Malaysia or Vietnam for business purposes. They don’t understand why people don’t see India from this point of view. Ackerman said that protectionist environment in India and some regulatory problems could be a reason for this. Ackerman says that he is sad that India is not in our priority as much as it should be. Philip Ackerman clarified that in terms of development and population, there is no other country other than India that can compete with China.

Ackermann said that Germany does not yet have complete information regarding the skirmish between India and China on LAC. The German ambassador said that we are worried about this. He says that whatever he has seen in the media so far, it is clear to him that it is violence.

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Philipp Ackermann said, “We must always avoid violating international borders. If we talk about Europe, people’s lives are already suffering due to the war in Russia and Ukraine. Talk about the exorbitant cost of energy or The refugee crisis is at an all-time high.”

America criticized

America has also criticized the clash between India and China. America has said in a statement that it is keeping a close eye on this whole matter. China is adopting a provocative policy and is deliberately taking action against America’s allies in the Indo-Pacific region.

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