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Even The Boys Showrunner was surprised to find a real-life penis on fire for the Herogasm Ep

Eric Kripke has always been known Push the envelope In Amazon Prime Video’s irreverent superhero series boysbut he really outdid himself in Season 3 “Herogasm” episode. The comic book series of the same name was a spin-off from boys comics, and that was something he hoped he’d eventually be able to tackle on screen. Kripke worked hard to bring his vision of a massive superhero orgy to life, but even after creating what he calls “one of the most graphic hours of mainstream television,” there was one stunt he was still shocked about: setting an actual penis on fire.

For “Herogasm,” Eric Kripke packed the set with half-naked actors in tailored (and often crotch-less) costumes, simulating sex of all kinds in the background, such as Hughie (Jack Quaid), Butcher (Karl Urban), and Smash Soldier. Boy (Jensen Ackles) an orgy sponsored by Vought in search of former Payback team members for Homelander and Soldier Boy. Walking in one scene is a sopp with his penis on fire, and Kripke is revealed in A.J Metacritic An FYC panel stated that the stuntman “did it for real”. He said he shared:

The gel is so good in that it doesn’t burn you that he was such a cool guy, and I was like, ‘Really? So he had one of his protective companions rub all this fiery gel all over his junk and ignite it—take it after you eat it. I couldn’t get over it.