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Discover 4 dazzling designer trees to see this holiday season

The festive season is here, but isn’t your tree looking cheerful? If you’re looking for inspiration for Christmas tree decorations, check out some of the most dazzling designer Christmas trees in iconic hotels around the world, designed in collaboration with top fashion houses, jewelery designers and artists – from London to DC

Sandra Choi for Jimmy Choo ‘The Diamond’ Christmas Tree at Claridge’s

Claridge’s, London’s legendary Mayfair hotel, has announced that this year’s highly anticipated annual Christmas tree was designed by Sandra Choi for Jimmy Choo. Creative Director Sandra, a longtime friend of the hotel, recently unveiled her creation in the hotel’s iconic lobby, marking the twelfth year that Claridge’s has invited one of its distinguished guests to reinterpret the tree in their own signature style.

This beautiful sculptural creation, called ‘The Diamond’, is made of reflective mirrors and accented with light that pulsates and ripples. The diamond has long been a special icon in Jimmy Choo’s world, with Sandra often dreaming of what it would be like to step into one. , diamond-broken space. The tree is finished with a giant, glittering bow topper – a nod to one of the main design themes of the brand’s winter collection.

Alexis Bittar ‘Menagerie A Tree’ at Riggs Washington DC

This festive season, Riggs Washington DC, the Penn Quarter high-design hotel, announced its 2022 Christmas tree in collaboration with celebrated jewelry designer Alexis Bittar. Known for his exquisite Lucite jewelry and reinvented statement pieces, Alexis adds a festive flair to his aesthetic to create a “Menagerie A Tree,” a feather and tinsel reverie in the hotel lobby. Inspired by the feminine accents found in the hotel’s four First Lady suites, as well as the metallics of his own work, Alexis’ “Menagerie A Tree” features a palette of soft feminine pastels interspersed with high-gloss silver tinsel and antique brush gold detailing.

The tree takes advantage of the double-height ceilings of the historic Riggs National Bank building, as it stands 18 feet (5.5 m) tall. The shiny tinsel dripping from the branches gently sways in the air and twinkles, catching the light as guests walk through the lobby. To add an extra dimension, oversized pastel colored feathers are pinned into the tree, creating the illusion that it is about to take flight. For added sparkle, the tree is trimmed with custom pearl garlands that hang like icicles and soft fairy lights for a majestic glow. Those who linger a little longer will discover an eclectic collection of papier-mache and feathered, mirrored and iridescent birds nesting within. Miniature hanging glass bottles hold quotes and inspirational messages from iconic women inside.

Lewis Miller at The Dewberry

The Dewberry has teamed up with beloved floral and event designer Lewis Miller for the Charleston hotel’s 2022 Christmas decor, reinventing the mid-century modern gem this holiday season. The design for the hotel’s tree and interior is inspired by exotic treasures told through an unexpected combination of jewel tones, giving the hotel a glowing and vibrant holiday glow.

Exotic gemstone colors inspired by majolica ceramics interweave a palette of unexpected combinations of vibrant turquoise, amethyst and ruby. Curiosities found and collected are hidden throughout, allowing guests to discover exotic treasures, butterflies, coral and more nestled among the greenery. Flora is at the heart of the concept and the hotel lobby and Living Room are filled with flowering plants, botanicals and silk flowers.

Suzy Murphy’s Christmas Tree at The Connaught

The Connaught Christmas Tree 2022 was designed by influential East London-born artist and sculptor Suzy Murphy. Standing 30 feet tall at Carlos Place, the magnificent British Nordmann Fir tree is decked out with 34 ‘soft white’ neon dogs, starting with the smallest at the base of the tree, gradually getting larger as they reach the top. Suzy’s influence and creative direction for the tree stems from “Toby was a Girl,” a series of sketches inspired by her childhood pet. Whimsical and poetic, with a hint of nostalgia, Suzy’s interpretation of “Toby was a Girl” tells the story of her dog throughout her childhood. This translates into a beautiful artistic display on The Connaught Tree, with the neon dogs ‘running’ around the tree, culminating in ‘Toby’ standing at the top, for all to see.

At the base of the tree, the story continues as ‘Toby’ is surrounded by neon titles of sculptural works created for a series called “A Girl’s Progress”. Here Suzy Murphy has used her creative and philosophical mantra ‘solitude, truth, passion and peace’ to describe the different stages one must go through in order to arrive at ‘peace’. The Connaught Tree represents the timeless message of Christmas this year, a message of hope and peace, wishing everyone a truly magical Christmas.