Built With Bitcoin Foundation Opens Bitcoin Technology Center in Ejisu, Ghana

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The Built With Bitcoin (BWB) Foundation has opened a new Bitcoin Technology Center in Ejisu, Ghana, a city in Greater Kumasi, as a legacy for the inaugural Bitcoin Africa conference. The center will be run by Ghanaians, for Ghanaians, according to a press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine.

BWB founders Ray Youssef and Yusuf Nessary plan to unveil the campus on Thursday, December 8, 2022, with a tour attended by various members of the international Bitcoin community.

The primary goal of the Bitcoin Technology Center, according to the press release, “is to equip the local community with skills and knowledge within the finance and technology industries; it is also intended to build community and foster a safe environment to learn.” “.

Support for the installation comes from the Edwinase community, Blockchain Foundation Africa, and the Bitcoin community. Eight employees will work there, including administrators and teachers.

The release details some of the various subjects that will be taught at the center, including “Financial Literacy: Understanding Money,” “Introduction to Bitcoin,” “Entrepreneurship,” “Introduction to Computers,” and “Introduction to Coding.” .