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When is the new season 4 of 1000-lb Sisters out on TLC?

Season 4 of 1000-lb Sisters is on its way, as fans get excited to get the latest update on Tammy and Amy’s Slaton’s lives. A lot has happened since season 3, including Tammy getting married and Amy enjoying life as a mom-of-two.

Debunked rumors had swirled In August that TLC decided to cancel 1000-Lb Sisters instead of renewing it for season 4. However, that’s simply not the case as we don’t have long to wait for the popular show to make its return.

So, when is the new season of 1000-lb Sisters out on the network and what can we expect to find out this season? Fans have been eager to receive an update after the season 3 finale showed Tammy fighting for her life in hospital.

Will there be a season 4 of 1000-lb Sisters?

Yes, TLC has confirmed a fourth season of 1000-lb Sisters. As of November 2022, the platform revealed the official release date, which marked one year since season 3 dropped on TLC in 2021.

Fans are absolutely ecstatic about the announcement. One viewer wrote: ” Rewatching #1000lbSisters on #discoveryplus I am excited for the new season. I hope the episodes will go up right way.”

When is the new season of 1000-lb Sisters?

1000-lb Sisters is set to return to the US on Tuesday, January 17, 2023 at 9pm. Each Tuesday from then on, a new episode will drop at the same time and will also be available to catch up online.

A UK air date for the season has not yet been confirmed. Those in the USA, however, will find out how Tammy is getting along with her weight loss transformation while attending a rehab facility.

We will also see how Amy is enjoying life as a mom-of-two, having given birth to son Glenn Allen Halterman in July, two years after welcoming her eldest son Gage into the world.

Tammy and Amy tease TLC comeback

Tammy and Amy have already teased 1000-lb Sisters season 4. A video shared to TLC’s TikTok page provided pictures and videos of Tammy’s wedding to Caleb Willingham, as well as gave fans a confirmed release date.

A synopsis on the season reads:

Tammy makes “a life-altering decision” after surviving a near-death experience. Amy, expecting her second baby, isn’t sure how being an overweight mother will work, while Chris is desperate to qualify for skin removal surgery.

The season 3 finale saw Tammy being rushed to hospital for emergency treatment, after she stopped breathing while at a weight loss facility. She woke up and underwent a tracheotomy, and was able to recuperate.



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