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What’s going on with Will Smith’s I Am Legend 2? Here’s what the franchise’s OG manager has to say

Before the infamous Oscar slap happened, it was reported that Will Smith would be returning for I Am Legend A sequel, with Michael B. Jordan set as his co-star. Unfortunately, not much was said after the initial news was revealed. However, an update has now arrived, courtesy of the film’s original director, Francis Lawrence, and the director’s honesty regarding what he knows about Smith’s long-awaited follow-up to science fiction.

Francis Lawrence was opposed to me I Am Legend A sequel in the past, given the way his movie ended. Of course, his views couldn’t stop Warner Bros. From inventing a new idea for the franchise. As of now, Lawrence himself is not actually associated with leading the sequel, which has been in development hell for some time. Although not associated with the film, he chatted with the film’s first writer, Akiva Goldsman. The famous director spoke to About the status of the sequel, and fans may not be thrilled:

I spoke to Akiva [Goldsman] A little about that, but I think that’s a long way off. I love to do that. I’ve heard a few things about I’m a legend. We actually don’t have much, just brainstorming things for Constantine, but I swear to keep quiet on I’m a legend.