What Happened To Radar On Mash? Why Radar Left Mash During Season 8? Who Replaced Radar On Mash?

What Happened To Radar On Mash?

The character Corporal “Radar” O’Reilly, who was the company clerk of MASH 4077, was played by the actor Gary Burghoff. He played that role in the film MASH in 1970 and reprised the role in the TV series. Gary appeared in all episodes of the first three seasons of MASH. He left the show on season 8, in the two-part episodes called “Good Bye, Radar,” which were the 177th and 178th episodes of the entire series.


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Why Radar Left Mash During Season 8? 

Radar star Gary Burghoff thought his work was putting strain on his family life after season 5 of the series. Usually, he appeared on 24 episodes per season, but he negotiated to act on 13 episodes. During season 7, he started to have physical and emotional exhaustion due to work and lack of family life. He wanted to leave the show. His co-star Mike Farrell tried hard to persuade him to stay, but Gary was stubborn to leave. So, in season 8, he appeared in a special 2-part goodbye episode and left the show.

What episode does Radar leave MASH?

Gary Burghoff left the show MASH in a two-part episode called “Good Bye, Radar.” Those two episodes are the 117th and 178th of the entire series and the fourth and fifth episodes of the season 8 of the series MASH. In the show, news about the death of Radar’s uncle arrives, and Radar is set to go home to help his mother. 

Who Replaced Radar On Mash?

The character, Max Klinger, played by Jamie Farr, was set to take the place of Radar as the company clerk. At first, he had some hardships playing the role of the clerk, but he gradually grew and became an excellent company clerk like Radar.

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