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Wakanda Forever fans celebrate Ryan Coogler

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Fans celebrate Ryan Coogler next Black Panther: Wakanda Forever It hit theaters this week. As more people watch the Marvel Studios movie, they can’t help but give props to the director on how he handled the acclaim of Chadwick Boseman and made a satisfying movie on top of that. Coogler was very open about how difficult it was for him to develop this movie. The star of the series hit him hard and the actors lost hard. But through that pain, they were able to craft a story that made the audience think and cheer about the future of not only Wakanda but the entire Marvel universe. While he might not see every single message, hopefully someone will let the filmmaker know all that love on social media. Check out some of the best posts below!

Next for Coogler, is Third Creed as a product. Collider talked to him about what that looked like. “I mean, I don’t answer that, brother. I don’t answer that,” Coogler said. “Yeah, that’s crazy. I mean, I’ll answer what it was. I’ll answer that. Cool. That’s what it was like. I was filled with a lot of pride for Mike” [B. Jordan]for Jonathan [Majors]for Tessa [Thompson]to Felicia [Rashad]And for the young star that everyone will meet, he plays the role of Amara. I had a deep, deep, deep feeling of pride. And for my little brother who wrote the script. Together with Zack Palin who wrote King Richard. I was just so proud of them all. I called Mike and told him. I will not go into the notes. ‘ He added, ‘They’re still working on it, man. But I think it’s a unique movie. yes.”

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