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Video of Truck Crash on Louisiana Interstate – Who’s to Blame?

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Video of a truck hitting a guardrail on a Louisiana freeway earlier this year has resurfaced, along with debate over who was at fault.

The video went viral earlier this year after it was posted to the IdiotsInCars subreddit by Reddit user Halfriican. The clip opens as a pickup truck rapidly rolls into a black car in the left lane of the freeway, before abruptly shifting to the right lane in front of the vehicle being driven by the recording subject.

Then, just as it appears the pickup truck will continue to slide right onto the shoulder to overtake the silver SUV in the right-hand lane, it quickly becomes apparent that the pickup truck driver had no idea that there a crash barrier awaited his way.

When the truck realizes that a crash barrier is occupying the hard shoulder, it’s far too late, as the pickup tries to get back on the freeway at the last second. By that time, however, the truck was already wedged between the SUV and the guardrail, leading to an inevitable accident.

It didn’t take long for internet sleuths to discover that this was happening in Louisiana — more specifically, in Lake Charles on the I-210 loop at Lake Street.

An overwhelming majority of people responded to the video, saying the impatient pickup driver got instant karma, but there were actually some people who blamed the black car for slowing in the left lane.

Some felt several people were to blame here — including the person who filmed the incident.

Based on the video, who do you blame? Stop in the comments and be safe out there.

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