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Timothe Chalamet fans leave and cancel the red carpet in Milan due to serious safety risks

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Timothe Chalamet was unable to attend the premiere of his new movie “Bones and all” due to the seriousness safety hazard Because of the crowd of fans that went to the event, there were so many who wanted to be so close to the actor that he was simply uncontrollable.

The Milan Police Department had to intervene

The Milan police I had to completely shut down the red carpet outside Space Cinema Odeon After that there were gatherings of people from all over the world including the press who pretended to at least look at Timothe but to no avail.

Timothée Chalamet He did not do any press at all, however, the film was shown inside Space Cinema Odeon, and the introduction took place as planned.

It was well received by international critics

The Milan premiere was the film’s most famous event, which was well received by Italian and international critics when it was presented at Venice Film Festival two months ago. In that past event, Chalamet was actually able to Interview the press and audiences alike, and sign autographs in a dedicated areaa situation that was planned again, but unfortunately It can’t happen.

Chalamet and Guadagnino reunite

The Dune The actor meets with the director of “Call Me by Your Name” Luca Guadagnino who was also at the head of “Bones and All”. The story tells of a romantic relationship Chalamet and Taylor Russell who play a couple Cannibal lovers On the road.

The film made a lot of noise because of the director’s award

film director Luca Guadagnino He won the Silver Lion for Best Director which is a very good omen for the film being shown for the first time in North America November 18 In select theaters and then fully open November 23.


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