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Three Lions has been sung wrong for years – these are the real lyrics music | entertainment

The competition in the FIFA World Cup 2022 is heating up, but last night England won a victorious match against Wales with a stunning 3-0 win. So today, England fans no doubt walk with a spring in their step as they create the biggest and best football anthem of all time: David Baddel’s Three Lions, Frank Skinner and the Lightning Seeds. However, the lyrics of the song have long been mistaken by many football fans.

Many fans believe the lyrics are: “Because I remember three lions on a shirt! / The jewels still sparkle / Thirty years of mischief / Never stopped me from dreaming”.

But these words are actually incorrect. The second line of the song actually refers to a former FIFA president, rather than the sparkling gems.

The actual lyrics are: “Because I remember three lions on a shirt! / Jules Rimet still shines / Thirty years of mischief / Never stopped me from dreaming.”

Instead of “Jewels still sparkling,” the lyrics were actually “Jules Rimet still sparkling”—a play on words by Jules Rimet’s name.

Jules Rimet was the third president of FIFA. He entered the company in 1921, and remained there until 1954.

During that time, Rimet held the first FIFA World Cup in 1930. As a result, the trophy was named after him: the Jules Rimet Trophy.

However, disaster struck the award in 1966, when it was stolen from a display cabinet in Westminster Central Hall. The Solid Gold Cup was worth about £30,000 and was lost for seven days. Eventually, it was discovered “wrapped in newspaper under a suburban garden fence” in Beulah Hill, Upper Norwood, south London.

The cup was found by a dog named Pickles.

After the trophy was returned to its rightful place, before England won the FIFA World Cup in 1966.

It was even presented by Queen Elizabeth II to England captain Bobby Moore.

But this is not the end of Jules Rimet’s story. 20 years later, in 1983, it was stolen again.

Jules Rimet Trophy not found.

Although this boosts the power of the Three Lions song, it was recently revealed that it is not the nation’s favorite football anthem.

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While Three Lions came in second in the top five, it was beaten out by the iconic 1969 single from Neil Diamond.

Yes, the most popular football anthem in the UK is Sweet Caroline.

Right behind it are the aforementioned Three Lions, the Beatles’ Oh Jude, World in Motion and, of course, Vindaloo.


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