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Thomas J. Ciampa joins the expanding bamboo production in Italy

Veteran Rome-based distribution and production director Thomas J. Ciampa, who left WarnerMedia in June where he was country director in Italy, Spain and Portugal, joins Bamboo’s expanding palette of high-profile Italian producer Marco Bilardi as head of international operations.

Ciampa, who worked for Warner Bros. in Italy for 25 years in various formats, in January 2022 replaced Barbara Salapi as Senior Executive Director of WarnerMedia when she left after three decades. But Ciampa was replaced in June by Alessandro Araimo as part of a restructuring due to the Warner Bros. merger. Discovery.

Ciampa’s responsibilities included mass theatrical distribution for Warner Bros. Television. In addition to Sony Pictures, which has a deal with Warner Bros. In Italy. However, from 2023 Sony will release its titles in Italy via local indie Eagle Pictures, an indication of how the theatrical market will change as studios change their priorities as streaming gains the most.

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In addition, Ciampa managed domestic productions in Italy and Spain, as well as content licensing, games, home entertainment, consumer products, marketing as well as advertising sales and affiliate distribution for WarnerMedia channels and streaming services.

Bamboo Production was launched earlier this year by Belardi, who previously headed the film and television production company Lotus, which, in addition to producing the Italian megabyte “Perfect Strangers,” has also produced a steady stream of other hits like “Nowhere”. Like Home by Gabriele Moschino,” which in 2018 grossed over $10 million domestically, and was recently made into a hit TV series for Sky. They have a multi-picture deal with Netflix to produce two or three unspecified Italian original films for the streaming device.

Leone Film Group in 2014 acquired a majority stake in Lotus, with Bilardi remaining in charge. But the relationship with Leon soured, so Bilardi recently parted ways to create Bamboo.

Ciampa will now play a major role in the development of all of Bamboo’s international projects, the first of which will be a previously announced high-profile TV series written and directed by Giuseppe Tornatore based on his Oscar-winning classic Nuovo Cinema Paradiso.

“It is a great honor to be part of the Bamboo team. Marco is one of the most talented producers in Italy, and I feel proud to support the company as it grows into an important and dynamic international player.”

Bilardi commented: “It is an honor to welcome Thomas to our team, a highly experienced and capable professional. We are certain that with his support, Bamboo will make a great leap forward on the international scene.”