The pros and cons of the doubts that Scaloni has in the Argentine National Team to face Mexico

According to the tests this Thursday, the coaching staff does not rule out changes both in the defense and in the midfield ahead of the momentous second date of Group C at the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

lionel scaloni

lionel scaloni knows that the Argentine National Team has no margin for error Mexico if you want to keep the illusions of the group intact in the Qatar World Cup 2022. Today, DT tried everything, perhaps to mislead an old man known as Gerardo Martino.

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In defense, the coaching staff alternated between Gonzalo Montiel Y Nahuel Molina on the right side, to Nicolas Tagliafico Already Marcos Acuna on the left already Lisandro Martinez Already Christian Romero between the central

Moving to midfield, scaloni put first to Enzo Fernandez by Alejandro Gomez and then to the ex-River for Leandro Paredes Y Alexis Mac Allister next door. Although there is no real clue of the next starting eleven, the reading at first sight is that changes are coming in those lines to look for the three points that give the team peace of mind for the last day of the Group C.

The pros and cons of Nahuel Molina and Gonzalo Montiel in the Argentine National Team

Molina-Montiel (Argentine National Team)

Although both are facing their first World Cup experience, like many other players on the squad, mill (he played the 90 minutes against Saudi Arabia) offers more projection than montiel when attacking on the right side. Far from his usual level, the ex-Boca was somewhat held back in the first half against the Middle East team, while the ex-River added minutes for the last time in the 5-0 win against the United Arab Emirates in Rodolfo Arruabarrena. In Abu Dhabi, Cachete played only one half -the second- and he did it for Alexis MacAllisteras john foyth He emerged as the 4 starter.

The pros and cons of Marcos Acuña and Nicolás Tagliafico in the Argentine National Team

Acuña-Tagliafico in the Argentine National Team

It’s been a long time since coin won ownership of the Argentine National Teambut one pubalgia does not let him train normally consecutively. The Sevilla player started in the friendly against the United Arab Emirates and became one of the figures, although he only played 45 minutes. In view of Saudi Arabiathe ex-Racing -they demanded it in the previous training sessions- deepened as soon as he entered for tagliafico, who usually contributes more brand and fight in hand-to-hand. During the debut in Qatar World Cup 2022the ex-Independiente dedicated himself more to the defensive facet in an almost obligatory way, without being able to progress much in his sector in attack.

The pros and cons of Cristian Romero and Lisandro Martínez in the Argentine National Team

Otamendi-Romero-Martínez in the Argentine National Team

cutie romero It is a guarantee in the central rear, but it reached the Qatar World Cup 2022 with a muscle strain and without continuity. That was how the ex-Belgrano had to come out in the second half against Saudi Arabia, after the two goals from Hervé Renard’s team. If he continues in the starting eleven, it is so that he adds more minutes and that he can mark Raul Jimenezthe lethal weapon Mexico. On the contrary, Nicholas Otamendi He would have to go on to play 2, a position he is not used to.

On the other hand, the option of Martinez it is for scaloni take advantage of your great football moment. The ex-Defense and Justice entered strong and safe in the debut of Qatar World Cup 2022, despite the disadvantage in the result. In addition, he provided leadership and drive from the back, just as he does at Manchester United, despite being of shorter stature. Of course, he also knows what it is to mark forwards of the stature of Harry Kane, Erling Haaland, Raheem Sterling and Mohamed Salah, among others.

The pros and cons of Leandro Paredes, Alejandro Gómez, Enzo Fernández and Alexis Mac Allister in the Argentine National Team

Paredes-Papu Gómez-Enzo Fernández-Mac Allister in the Argentine National Team

Fernandez either Mac Allister they give possibility to scaloni to return to their natural scheme, the 4-3-3, and protect the left sector of the midfield. If he puts the ex-River for Walls (comes from a hamstring strain in his left leg and needed to add minutes against Saudi Arabia) it gives the team more mobility, but at the same time if they play Rodrigo DePaul, Enzo Y Mac Allister It would be an unprecedented midfielder. papu gomezMeanwhile, he is one more attacking and tackling man, so he gives you the possibility of more assists and verticality. And if he plays with three midfielders, he gives you more inside play and composure, but less wing.

With Lionel Messi, the probable formation of the Argentine National Team against Mexico

emiliano Martinez; Nahuel mill or Gonzalo montielChristian Rosemary or Lysander MartinezNicholas otamendiFrames coin or Nicholas tagliafico; Rodrigo Paul’sLeandro WallsEnzo Fernandez or Alexis Mac Allister; lionel MessiLautaro Martinez and angel say mary.

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